How Bluebeam Improved Their Community Experience & Witnessed 62% Case Deflection

How Bluebeam Improved Their Community Experience & Witnessed 62% Case Deflection

“By using SearchUnify to harness the power of AI, Bluebeam was able to use technology to dramatically improve our customers’ support experience, measurably increasing our ability to quickly connect customers with the resources they need.” – Jim Atkinson, President and Chief Customer Officer, ‎Bluebeam, Inc.

Customer support communities have become the norm for companies to propel knowledge sharing, 24/7 availability, idea generation, but most importantly, lend a helping hand to support agents by deflecting tickets. When a community evolves into a deflection engine, that’s when its purpose is fulfilled. In other words, if the customers turn to your community when they hit a wall or have a thought they’d like to discuss, you’ve hit the sweet spot. It becomes your brand’s virtual shrine. Okay, that went too far, but you get the point.

Now, let’s talk about an organization that knocked it out of the park. Bluebeam is a leading software company, headquartered in Pasadena, California, that develops innovative technology solutions for project efficiency & collaboration for design & construction professionals worldwide. Not only did Bluebeam blow away its customers with a 62% case deflection but also the jury of one of the most premier business awards worldwide – the 2021 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

“Love this innovation during a wild year. Self-service with this kind of deep thinking is very impressive.” – 2021 Stevie® Awards’ Judges.

This blog post provides a sneak-peek into Bluebeam’s case deflection journey. First, let’s talk about the hurdles they faced.

The Challenges

1. Volume of Support Tickets

Due to rapid growth, Bluebeam’s support function was up against a massive influx of customer requests or support tickets. The firm had a customer community integrated with all the relevant knowledge bases in place. Yet, the members couldn’t find the answers they needed.

2. Rising Support Costs

The support team received around 1300 web cases each month through the Contact Us page. Every case cost Bluebeam around $20. But once Bluebeam implemented SearchUnify’s unified cognitive platform, the case count plummeted to approximately 700, which converted into a monthly saving of $12,000. The dollar value will be greater for firms with bigger caseload and higher cost per ticket.

Bluebeam achieved a staggering 62% case deflection on its homepage itself with SearchUnify.

3. Limited Content Findability on Customer Community

Upon analyzing, Bluebeam found that most of the incoming customer queries were not so complex. Yet, customers couldn’t find helpful information on the community. It became clear that the community wasn’t delivering relevant and personalized content, despite having it all. With SearchUnify’s powerful insights at its disposal, Bluebeam revamped its community and case creation page which led to a dramatic jump in case deflection.

But how exactly did Bluebeam achieve the numbers that most companies only dream of? Well, they measured and deflected cases the right way.

Download Bluebeam’s Full Case Study & Learn How You Can Achieve High Case Deflection

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