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Elevating Customer and Employee Experiences with SearchUnifyGPT

Customer Support & Self-service

Faster case

Customer Support & Self-service

Enhanced self-service capabilities

Customer Support & Self-service

Improved employee productivity

Customer Support & Self-service

Reduced self-service effort

SearchUnifyGPT Differentiating Factors

Customer Support & Self-service

Swift Responses

Get quick answers with SearchUnifyGPT, minimizing response times for user queries.

Customer Support & Self-service

Detailed Reporting

Gain insights into GPT response accuracy with comprehensive reporting, identifying and addressing any gaps in generated answers.

Customer Support & Self-service

Effective Deflection

Measure SearchUnifyGPT's impact on stage one query resolution, tracking user engagement metrics to assess deflection efficiency.

Customer Support & Self-service

Low Error Rates

Rely on SearchUnifyGPT's consistent accuracy with minimal error rates, ensuring reliable responses to user queries.

Customer Support & Self-service

Continuous Improvement

Utilize user feedback mechanisms integrated into SearchUnifyGPT to refine and optimize generated answers over time.

Customer Support & Self-service

Citation Tracking

Evaluate the effectiveness of citations within GPT responses by tracking user engagement through clicks, providing valuable insights for content enhancement.

The Customer Impact

Leveraging SearchUnifyGPT helped one of our clients, a leading US-based software company, unlock next-level community experience while achieving impressive improvements within just 3 months:

Increase in customer effort score (CES) from 62% to 84%

Reduction in support costs from over $560,000 to $310,000

Decrease in time to resolution by 31%

Increase in self-service resolution from 78% to 89%

In addition, the client saw over 60% of users leveraging community search to resolve their queries in the first instance. An additional 8% of self-service resolutions stemmed from the case creation page as well.

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