SearchUnify Customer Awards

Recognizing and Celebrating the 2022 SearchUnify Champion Award Winners

Congratulations to 2022
Champion Award Winners

The global awards confer organizations that made it big in the customer support world, always bringing something new to the table and excelling at it.

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SearchUnify Champion Awards

Bonafide Duo Award

Bonafide Duo Award

Recognizes the efforts of our elite client in amplifying the SearchUnify platform and winning at support experiences.

2022 Winner

"Together we saw the light at the end of the tunnel which is very very promising. We have a long route to cover and this partnership will make it more successful."


Gopala KrishnaMurthy

Director of Support

SearchUnify Champion Award

SearchUnify Champion Award

Celebrates our exceptional customer for being a long-term advocate of the SearchUnify platform and bringing something new to the support table.

2022 Winner

"Enjoyed working with SearchUnify for the last few years and we have a lot more to do so we are excited about it."


Kristin Whitaker

Business Support Consultant

SearchUnify PowerUser Award

SearchUnify PowerUser Award

Applauds our client for the most expansive implementation of SearchUnify and its mastodonic apps that brought a dynamic shift in the support operations.

2022 Winner

"We were looking for someone to solve our problem looking from a customer community perspective as well as an agency behind the scenes helping out customers, SearchUnify really stood out."


Chris Beckwith

Group Director - Support & Customer Experience

The Growth Driver Award

Growth Driver Award

Honors our remarkable client who went the extra mile to share top-of-the-line support ideas and take the SearchUnify platform to new heights.

2022 Winner

"SearchUnify’s commitment to continually growing the product and responding graciously to the ideas keeps us motivated to continue to provide feedback. Responsiveness and a genuine desire to hear ideas make us more productive and also help in improving our knowledge base for our customers. "


Cheryl Zupke

Technical Content Developer
Cornerstone OnDemand

The Mentoring Champion Award

Mentoring Champion Award

Confers our exceptional client for successfully slaying support woes and taking our platform to the next level.

2022 Winner

"Been an honor being a partner with SearchUnify. It's really cool that we are able to speak to everyone across the board of SearchUnify."


Lana Lee

Senior Community Manager & Strategist

The Team Impact Award

Team Impact Award

Provides a spotlight to our client-cum-industry trailblazers who worked as a cohesive unit and delivered tangible outcomes with the SearchUnify platform.

2022 Winner

"Thanks to the SearchUnify team for their dedication as we navigate through our community journey. We will continue working with our wonderful partners here at Grazitti to grow our community and make it even more successful."


Snehal Tamhane

IT Product Manager
Service Titan

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