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The Cognitive Model

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Query Ingestion

SearchUnify ingests data from disparate repositories. It performs text extraction to automatically scan and extract relevant information. It also deploys hierarchical clustering to categorize semantically related content. Thereafter, document annotations tag metadata, which enables the crawlers to fetch the most fitting search results.

User Personalization

SearchUnify’s ML model learns from user profiles and historical searches to understand context & deliver apt results. Sentiment analysis helps peruse the nature of incoming cases, gauge dissatisfaction, & communicate the likelihood of escalations. This enables support reps to empathize & personalize the conversation accordingly.

Contextualized Learning

SearchUnify also helps you better educate your customers and employees. Its NLP models assist stemming and lemmatization to analyze the query and extract the precise context based on the user's profile. Then, it suggests relevant topics and the subsequent learning modules that enlighten the users without overwhelming them.

Content Presentation

SearchUnify's AI taps in on metadata and rich snippets to ensure your users pick the answers that directly address their needs. Semantic knowledge graphs provide an aggregate view of the search results extracted from multiple repositories. Also, natural language generation (NLG) summarizes content for easier user consumption.

Datasheet for AI

With cognitive technology at its helm, SearchUnify doesn't just automate routine workflows like other AI-fueled platforms; it functions as a superslick sidekick that has always got your customers and employees back.

SearchUnify is Your AI MVP

Revolutionized Information Discovery

Enterprise knowledge is scattered across multiple KBs. SearchUnify, with the help of AI, integrates disparate data repositories to enable cross-platform information discovery. All you need to do is deploy our OOTB connectors to enjoy a coherent browsing experience and witness the power of cognitive search within minutes.

Proactive Support and Predictive Personalization

Our unified cognitive platform leverages ML models and search analytics to predict customer needs by mapping user journeys and analyzing historical data & customer behavior. This empowers your customer service mavens to provide a proactive support experience and preemptively deliver personalized search results.

Relevant Search Functionality

SearchUnify leverages NLP & auto-intent learning to simplify sifting through the cornucopia of information and instantly populate the most relevant information. Apart from automatic tuning, it allows users to manually tune results based on keywords, relevance, popularity, article age, content sources, etc., and control search relevance.

Decoded User Queries

SearchUnify taps into natural language understanding (NLU) to proactively learn and identify synonyms, abbreviations, and misspelled words. Additionally, its ML algorithms not only provide intuitive recommendations as a user types the query but also understand the context behind it to return apt results instead of simply mapping keywords.

Quantified Site Performance

With rich search analytics at your disposal, SearchUnify enables your team to dive deeper into content usability and bridge any content gaps to provide the users what they really want. This way, you can drive content findability as well as consumption while guaranteeing a more immersive and engaging customer and employee experience.

Superior User Experience

SearchUnify comes with native support for faceted search that allows your internal & external users to zero in on relevant search results with appropriate filters based on faceted classification of the content. Then, it employs rich snippets that create an intuitive UI by ensuring your users can spot relevant results without breaking a sweat.

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