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Foster a Powerful Online Customer Community that Never Ceases
to Answer & Engage


Outcomes for Self-service

Keep Track of
Unanswered Threads
Maintain Engagement in the
Midst of a Self-service Surge
Sift Through & Reply to
Duplicate Discussions

Delivering Real Outcomes


Increase in Community Engagement


Increase in Self-service Resolution


Increase in First Response Generation on Community Threads


Decrease in Community Moderation Effort

Round-the-clock Auto-Response to New Discussions

Community Helper keeps an eye on new community discussions and threads and auto-responds 24*7 with sentiment-adaptive responses.

Identifies, Merges & Responds to Duplicate Threads

The application helps combat duplicacy by merging similar threads and redirects questions that it cannot answer to experts who solved similar cases earlier.

Auto-Indexing & Tagging of Community Threads

Community Helper acts as a moderator and tags posts to the right categories, thus aiding community managers in intelligent community moderation.

Personalized, Sentiment-Adaptive Responses

Community Helper adds the human touch by using sentiment analysis to understand the user’s state of mind and frames a personalized response in return.

Auto-Routing Discussions to Community Champions

The application routes the current discussions to your active members based on their expertise so that they can contribute to resolutions with helpful information.

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