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The tech-savvy nature of customers has helped eCommerce turn into a multi-billion dollar industry. Lately though, margins have dropped significantly owing to increased competition in this space. Conversion rates have also plummeted as a lot of transactions are being abandoned somewhere in the middle. This can be attributed, in part, to the thorough research that buyers want to put in before arriving at a conclusion.

  • Failure to facilitate product comparison via features or reviews is one of the leading factors that mars customer experience. With cognitive search, instant access to information facilitates comprehensive comparisons which in turn drives conversions.
  • People like to evaluate options that fall in line with their tastes & preferences. With an advanced search solution, they can leverage filters to fine tune results for a more immersive experience.
  • Product life cycles are now shorter than what they used to be. An AI-driven enterprise search allows admins to manually push latest products to site visitors and helps retain them.
  • Handling queries related to logistics or products can be quite a daunting task for support reps. An intelligent search within their tech stack ensures they can seamlessly access the right information and answer queries faster, thereby increasing the customer satisfaction levels.

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