SearchUnify for E-Commerce

Deliver exceptional customer experiences in the highly competitive E-Commerce space with cognitive search driving smart support and self-service

SearchUnify for E-Commerce

Convert and Retain
Customers with Ease

Close the gap between online shopping & the brick and mortar landscape, power personalization & boost relevancy with AI-based search on your E-Commerce site


Provide a
Uniform Experience

Give your customers what they deserve – a highly unified experience. Integrate content across different online properties, such as blogs, FAQs, and product catalogs to provide a seamless user experience.

Provide a Uniform Experience
Optimize Merchandising by Being Personal & Proactive

Optimize Merchandising by Being
Personal & Proactive

Customize each user’s search experience with individualized results that are tailor-made for them. Leverage SearchUnify’s smart AI algorithms that analyze user profile, search pattern, and search history to predict & provide recommendations proactively.

Understand Customer
Intent With NLU

Bridge the gap between offline & online retail by acting as a sales rep for your E-Commerce site. Answer customer questions in real-time with a chatbot that leverages powerful NLU algorithms that recognize user intent and provide a fitting reply.

Understand Customer Intent With NLU
Propel Product Discovery With Facets

Propel Product
Discovery With Facets

Divide the existing facets into relevant sub-categories with our nested & auto facets feature that help end-users filter down to the relevant result. Also, if the admin missed out on a particular classification, SearchUnify is smart enough to add the nested category when results are derived from it.

Augment Relevancy
With Search Tuning

Heighten the bar for relevancy by manually tuning search results. You can adjust the relevancy score of different products based on higher click-through rates and popular searches to boost conversions.

Augment Relevancy With Search Tuning
Autocomplete Queries for a Smooth Experience

Autocomplete Queries for
a Smooth Experience

Reduce the friction of finding the right product for a shopper with powerful NLU algorithms that autocomplete as user types in the search bar. Provide real-time contextual suggestions based on user activity, automatic synonym detection and spelling correction for a consistent journey.

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