Does SearchUnify offer a free trial/demo environment to play with?

Yes, we offer a 14-day free trial with 2 content sources of your choice. Contact us for the trial.

Is there any additional cost for adding a new content source in the future?

Adding a public content source is free of cost. However, if you want to add a new API-based content source supported by SearchUnify, you can Contact us for a quote.

Do I need to buy multiple SearchUnify instances if I need to embed search on multiple platforms with results coming from different content sources?

A single SearchUnify instance can embed search on multiple platforms and display results from different content sources.

Are there any paid support packages as well?

We offer free email support with 24 hours’ turnaround time. There are additional premium support packages too. You can Contact us for more information.


Is SearchUnify a single-tenant or a multi-tenant solution?

SearchUnify is a single-tenant solution. Each customer has their own independent instance of SearchUnify, which secures their index.

Does SearchUnify store any data in middleware?

SearchUnify stores encrypted access/refresh tokens for content sources (Lithium, Salesforce, Jive etc). These credentials are stored to synchronize the content in the SearchUnify index.

How does SearchUnify ensure that the content sources’ authentication information is secure?

All the authentication access tokens/refresh tokens stored in the middleware are encrypted using AES-256 encryption algorithm.

Which content objects will be accessed by SearchUnify?

It depends upon what content needs to be made searchable via SearchUnify. For example, in a Lithium community, SearchUnify supports searching ideas, discussions, blogs etc. So, these content pieces will be stored in the search index.

Which API is used to connect with the content sources?

SearchUnify uses the standard platform REST APIs on SSL for all the content sources. For websites, Apache based crawlers are used to crawl the websites and index the content.

Does SearchUnify upgrade automatically with SAAS based content source upgrade releases?

SearchUnify automatically updates its crawlers whenever there is a release upgrade of any of the SaaS based content source.

Do SearchUnify results respect the access level for content?

Only those content items which a user has access to, show up in search results. For example, in the case of a Jive community, a user can see only that content in search results which belongs to the groups that he/she has access to.


Can we extract all information of search analytics from SearchUnify via API?

Yes, you can extract all information about search analytics via standard REST based API of SearchUnify. Please contact SearchUnify Support for more information.

Do we need professional services to refresh the index of the existing content sources in SearchUnify?

We crawl content sources at a predefined frequency. If you need an off-cycle refresh, please contact professional services to refresh the search index to avoid any technical issues. There are no additional charges for this. The turnaround time is 24 hours.

Can I manually boost the ranking of some content items?

Yes, you can manually boost the ranking of specific content pieces in search results using the SearchUnify Admin Panel.

Is it possible to have different search templates for different platforms?

Yes, you can have different search templates and search box designs for embedding search at different platforms.

What is the average deployment time for SearchUnify?

The deployment time depends on the number of content sources. Typically, for three content sources and one search platform, SearchUnify installation takes 2 weeks.

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