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The Next-Gen Virtual Assistant
for Proactive Support

Deliver superior customer and employee experience with hyper-personalized, contextual, and timely responses.


"A Best-of-Breed" Intelligent
Bot Trusted by Leading
Companies Globally


Enterprise-wide Applications
of Conversational AI


Customer Self-Service

Drive engagement & adoption by creating hyper-personalized experiences, managing round-the-clock L1 queries, leveraging advanced real-time analytics, and much more.


Employee Enablement

Empower employees with a next-gen “e-buddy” that helps resolve all their HR and IT-related queries swiftly by delivering accurate answers whenever required.

suva-quotesOur Customers Love SUVA

“When we looked back at Skipper's conversational performance, just on those issues, we saw a significant impact. Not only more customers engaged with Skipper, Skipper was able to help them self-service. We almost tripled our average monthly savings just for these issues.”
Igal Dar

Technologies & KCS Manager, Field Operations


SUVA for Your Conversational AI Needs

Finds Answers in a Split-
second from All KBs

Delivers Relevant Results with
Intent & Entity Extraction

Powers Contextual, Intent-
Sensitive Responses with NLG

Leverages Unsupervised
Learning for Intent

Unlocks Contextual
Conversations with Dynamic
Decision Tree Structures

Generates Accurate User
Journey Insights

Enables Seamless Chatbot-
Agent Handoffs

Empowers Transactional

Augments Customer &
Employee Self-Service

Awards and Recognition


SearchUnify’s Intelligent Chatbot Named Winner in 2022 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards


Forrester recognized our chatbots for leveraging search technology in The Forrester WaveTM : Cognitive Search, Q2 2019


TSIA named our chatbot “a best in breed” for our vision to build chatbots on top of cognitive search technology


SearchUnify’s Intelligent Chatbot won the 2021 AI TechAward in the “Chatbots” category.

Why is SUVA the Best Chatbot

It specializes in precise and empathetic conversations that will leave your customers speechless! It leverages NLP to gauge intent and deliver contextually correct answers that keep users engaged and coming back for more.

capture-iconLow Deployment Time (1-2 weeks)
reuse-iconExceptional Customer Experience
find-iconHigher Customer Satisfaction
find-iconSeamless Hand-offs
create-iconTime & Cost Effective Training
improve-iconImproved Employee Productivity
share-iconMultilingual Support
share-iconBetter Engagement & Adoption

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