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SearchUnify Launches SearchUnifyGPTTM an Industry-first Federated,
Generative AI Application for Enterprise Support

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SearchUnify FRAGTM Framework for Leveraging Large Language
Models for Customer Support and Self-service

Organizations are in a race to adopt Large Language Models. And while, organizations stand to gain a lot of productivity improvements through LLMs, when a user question is directly sent to the open-source LLM, there is increased potential for hallucinated responses based on the generic dataset the LLM was trained on.
This is where SearchUnify’s Federated Retrieval Augmented Generation approach to LLMs comes into play.

SearchUnify’s Federated Retrieval 
   Augmented Generation

1. Federation Layer

Helps enhance the user input with context retrieved from a 360-degree view of the enterprise knowledge base. This helps the LLM-integrated SearchUnify products to more readily generate a contextual response with factual content.

2. Retrieval Layer

Involves accessing relevant information or responses from a predefined set of knowledge or data. This is done using various methods such as keyword matching, semantic similarity, or advanced retrieval algorithms.

3. Augmented Generation Layer

Involves generating human-like responses or outputs based on the retrieved information or context, across SearchUnify’s suite of products. This is achieved using techniques like language modeling or neural networks.

SearchUnify’s SUVA is Now the World’s First
Federated Retrieval Augmented Chatbot

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SearchUnify’s Knowbler Takes a Leap Forward with
Large Language Model Enhancements

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SearchUnify Leads the Open-source LLM Wave by
Quantizing Salesforce’s XGen- 7B Model

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A Glimpse into Some of the LLM-powered Features of SearchUnify

Direct Answers
Conversational AI
Intelligent Title Generation
Case Summary Generation
Intent Detection
Sentiment Analysis
Named Entity Recognition (NER)
Knowledge Graph

LLMs Have Long Been a Part of SearchUnify’s
DNA. Here’s Why You Should Choose Us.



We use multi-layered security to ensure sensitive information isn’t shared with all users even in the same organization.



We utilize bias-mitigation techniques, audit mechanisms, and relevant engineering to curtail the bias associated with LLM, thus maintaining credibility and trust.


Domain Knowledge

We understand domain-specific context, which eliminates the LLM challenges related to limited expertise.


Complex Action and Defined Scope

We look past semantics and decipher real human emotions. This enhances our scope to handle a range of text and language domains.


Omnichannel Deployment

Our LLM-integrated search and tools are suitable for deployment on different support channels, such as the web, chatbots, and voice assistants.

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Taranjeet Singh

Principal Data Scientist

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