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Make Large Language Models (LLMs) a part of your Customer Support Ecosystem with SearchUnify

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All About Large Language Models (LLMs)

A large language model (LLM) is a powerful neural network that has been trained on a massive corpus of natural language data to generate human-like responses. These models use deep-learning algorithms to perform various tasks, such as language translation, text summarization, chatbot conversations, and more. Some well-known LLM models include OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's BERT, and Facebook's RoBERTa.

A Glimpse into Some of the LLM-powered
Features of SearchUnify

Our unified cognitive platform brings the best of both worlds by consolidating
the power of LLMs in its intelligent features.

LLMs Have Long Been a Part of SearchUnify’s
DNA. Here’s Why You Should Choose Us.



We use multi-layered security to ensure sensitive information isn’t shared with all users even in the same organization.



We utilize bias-mitigation techniques, audit mechanisms, and relevant engineering to curtail the bias associated with LLM, thus maintaining credibility and trust.


Domain Knowledge

We understand domain-specific context, which eliminates the LLM challenges related to limited expertise.


Complex Action and Defined Scope

We look past semantics and decipher real human emotions. This enhances our scope to handle a range of text and language domains.


Omnichannel Deployment

Our LLM-integrated search and tools are suitable for deployment on different support channels, such as the web, chatbots, and voice assistants.

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LLM capabilities? Ask our expert now!


Taranjeet Singh

Principal Data Scientist

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