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Elevate Support Resolution Workflows with the
Power of ML-fueled Case Clustering


Fuel Personalized Support with Case Sentiment Insights

Agent Helper facilitates real-time sentiment probing for all cases and depicts them using happy, neutral, and sad emojis. Leveraging these learnings, the agents can personalize resolutions based on customer sentiment, and keep customer frustration away.

Power Agent Productivity with Case Summarization

Customer support agents typically spend 5–15 minutes writing notes when wrapping up each call or text chat, or when they transfer a case to the next level of support. LLM-fueled summarization fuels faster generation and summarization of issues and resolutions from a two-party conversation, especially between a customer and an agent, which can greatly reduce case handling time, increase agents’ job satisfaction, sustain high customer engagement, improve customer experiences, and as a result boost customer loyalty.


Drive First Call Resolution with Insights into Top Related Cases

Once a ticket is assigned to an agent, the clock for successfully closing it starts ticking. To expedite the process, Agent Helper taps in the case archives to populate similar related cases. This enables your agents to effortlessly identify and send a relevant response for the case at hand and close it in a jiffy.

Facilitate Collaboration with Insights into Top SMEs

If an agent comes across a case that requires knowledge or expertise that they don’t possess, Agent Helper provides the list of top agents or SMEs that have resolved similar cases in the past.

Improve Mean Time to Resolution with Auto-resolution Suggestion

SearchUnify’s Auto-resolution Suggestion feature intelligently analyzes the case fields and information sources to deliver an instant first response to the case in question. The agents have the option to edit the suggested response and attach the same to the case, for faster and effective resolutions. Agents can also access reference links to the original documents/case comments if they want to access more details around the generated answer.


Elevate the Findability of Content with Top Articles

Agents often have to rummage through multiple KBs to answer a query. This takes a toll on the resolution time and, by extension, CX. Here again, Agent Helper curates a list of top articles that helped close similar tickets earlier. As a result, your agents can quickly find the required answers and bring down turnaround time (TAT) and mean time to resolve (MTTR).

Fuel Intelligent Agent Swarming

A Slack integration within the app infrastructure allows the agent to instantly create a channel for the issue. It will include the top SMEs and agents for the given category of issue. This way, the best minds get together to resolve it. As a by-product, the agent who was assigned the ticket also learns and evolves.

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Learn How TechnologyOne Elevated its Agent Onboarding Experience & Productivity

“As a new member, SearchUnify helped me clear doubts whenever my team was unavailable or I preferred to resolve them independently. Also, it is quick to bring out similar cases and relevant knowledge.”


Support Analyst, TechnologyOne

The Use of Agent Helper Helped
Reduce Onboarding Time from
a Month to Only



Awards and Recognitions

“SearchUnify’s ability to adopt AI and ML to enhance its efficiency and capabilities has had a significant impact on the value It can provide to support and customer teams.”

“SearchUnify’s Agent Helper, where support agents have the ability to identify top support agents, top knowledge articles, and top cases related to the one currently being worked on. In addition to gaining visibility into article popularity, this feature also makes for more effective collaborative support, also known as swarming.

- Boosting Knowledge Effectiveness through Analytics (by TSIA).”

“Outstanding use of technology to develop the next gen tools to help centralise and improve the overall knowledge for better service of the customers.”

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