Executive Team

They are the change makers who transform our leaders’ vision into reality to ultimately drive growth

  • ​Alok Ramsisaria

    ​Alok Ramsisaria

    CEO, Grazitti Interactive

  • Neeta Ramsisaria

    Neeta Ramsisaria

    COO, Grazitti Interactive

  • Shivraj Asthana

    Shivraj Asthana

    President, Grazitti Interactive Inc

  • Vishal Sharma

    Vishal Sharma

    Chief Technology Officer, SearchUnify

  • Maneesh Kumar

    Maneesh Kumar

    Vice President - Sales, Grazitti Interactive

  • Ms. Arwinder Kaur

    Ms. Arwinder Kaur

    Vice President (VP) Marketing,

  • Mridula Gautam

    Mridula Gautam

    Global HR Partner,
    Grazitti Interactive

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Leadership Team

Our Leaders who provide vision and direction for our growth and inspire us to realize our full potential

  • Raj Srivastava

    Raj Srivastava

    Senior Director - CX

  • Walter Chase

    Walter Chase

    Director, Professional Services

  • Naresh Thakur

    Naresh Thakur

    Head of Engineering

Co-founding Engineers

Our product’s architecture was developed by a team of young engineers whose coding skills are as good as vibrant their energy is. Ever since creating the architecture, they’ve been enhancing and expanding the platform as they’ve been building and expanding the product team.

  • Manpreet Singh

    Manpreet Singh

    Technical Manager, SearchUnify

  • Bharat Sethi

    Bharat Sethi

    Product Manager, SearchUnify

  • Arvind Thakur

    Arvind Thakur

    Team Lead (Salesforce),
    Grazitti Interactive

  • Rajesh Jangid

    Rajesh Jangid

    Technical Manager, SearchUnify

Some of Our Customers

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