SearchUnify for Heretto

Elevate Content Discovery and Self-service Experiences with SearchUnify for Heretto

Key Features of SearchUnify’s Cognitive Search for Content
Management Systems Built on Heretto

Unified Browsing Experience

Data silos can cripple your marketing efforts. But not anymore! SearchUnify unifies all the data sitting across channels like websites, blogs, knowledge bases, online customer communities, and documentation portals, and enables a unified discovery experience without having to leave your Heretto CMS.

Tune Results for Higher Search Relevance

When users submit a search query, they expect the most relevant results on top of SERPs. With SearchUnify’s AI-powered auto-tuning, you can rest assured of that. It also allows the admin to manually tune and highlight the best-fitting results on the top of the page to increase user engagement and improve conversion rates.

Personalized Content Recommendations

People now expect instant and accurate responses from brands with minimal effort. SearchUnify’s insights engine and Generative AI-powered ML algorithms provide actionable insights into user search behavior, content usability, and engagement patterns to level up personalization and provide relevant and contextual results.

Demystifying User Intent & Context with NLP

SearchUnify leverages machine learning and NLU to understand the context from the user’s profile, preferences, historical searches, etc., in real time. These self-learning algorithms identify and train themselves for new synonyms and misspelled words to retrieve contextual search results.

“We are excited to partner with SearchUnify, combining Heretto’s AI-enabled content operations platform with SearchUnify’s cutting-edge AI and cognitive search capabilities. By harnessing the power of Heretto’s ability to deploy content at scale and SearchUnify’s ability to discover that content, we aim to redefine how enterprises create, manage, and deliver content.”

Patrick Bosek



Intelligent Navigation Using Smarter Facets

Your visitors don’t want to rummage through copious amounts of information. SearchUnify makes their experience better. Once you classify your content with custom tags and facets, it automatically interprets and selects the most suitable facet based on the user’s profile and search behavior to populate the most relevant results with fewer clicks.

Quantify Site Performance with Rich Analytics

Giving users what they want before they even realize it is now easier than ever. SearchUnify’s insight engine analyzes the user search data and tweaks content recommendations for a personalized experience. In addition, these insights allow you to identify and bridge any content gaps.

Elevating Content and Self-service Experiences with SearchUnify for Heretto

SearchUnify’s unified cognitive platform integrates disparate content sources, providing instant access to all repositories within your Heretto portals with intelligent NLP algorithms and an AI-powered insights engine.

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