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Together we are building a complete ecosystem dedicated to
elevating support and self-service outcomes with cognitive intelligence. Partnering with SearchUnify is an opportunity to tap into the fast growing cognitive technology and join a group of recognized consulting, agency, and technology leaders, all committed to helping enterprise organizations improve the customer experience.

“User experience with Google, Amazon, and social media has trained users to expect to search and quickly find what they are looking for and they have very little tolerance when they don’t find content easily. Therefore, to ensure users can find content in Salesforce and Appinium seamlessly when searching, the functionality provided by SearchUnify is essential to keeping users engaged. Appinium is excited to partner with SearchUnify to bring this experience to our customers.”
Tiffany Kreinbrink

SVP Customer Experience, Appinium

“By partnering with SearchUnify, we’re excited to provide a powerful, unified discovery experience that expands that search to include results from outside sources so customers can get all the information they need - without leaving your brand community.”
Chris Tranquill

CEO, Khoros

“We see unified search as a powerful way for our customers to provide self-serve answers to important questions across a range of platforms, all in one place. Any time we can improve access to learning information in the customer journey, we’re all in. And this partnership with SearchUnify represents an important way to do that.”
Barry Kelly

CEO, Thought Industries

“I am thrilled to collaborate with SearchUnify as a strategic advisor. Their technology represents a next-gen applicable set of AI-driven solutions to enable hyper-personalized content discovery. The platform enables community professionals to quantify their customer community’s success with AI-driven insights.”
Brian Oblinger

Chief Community Officer and Strategic Consultant, Brian Oblinger Consulting

“SearchUnify represents the most broad-based and applicable set of AI-driven solutions for content discovery insights, chat, and customer support that I’ve seen on the market. It integrates smoothly with some of the biggest names in enterprise platforms, such as Khoros and Vanilla, and can be applied to many more.”
Todd Nilson

Founder and Principal Community Strategist, Clocktower Advisors

“We are proud to partner with SearchUnify for the Spring 2023 cohort of community professional education. Not only is SearchUnify’s product game-changing for community teams but their support of the profession speaks volumes about their commitment to the future of community management and customer experience.”
Carrie Melissa Jones

Community Strategist, Researcher and Founder, The CMJ Group

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with SearchUnify, a collaboration dedicated to equipping our community members with the tools and knowledge needed to unlock the potential of AI and enabling them to craft innovative and exceptional customer experiences while optimizing self-service solutions. Together with SearchUnify, we’re committed to propelling the Support Driven community into a new era of AI-driven excellence, where creativity and problem-solving thrive.”
Scott Tran

Founder, Support Driven

“We are excited to partner with SearchUnify, combining Heretto’s AI-enabled content operations platform with SearchUnify’s cutting-edge AI and cognitive search capabilities. By harnessing the power of Heretto’s ability to deploy content at scale and SearchUnify’s ability to discover that content, we aim to redefine how enterprises create, manage, and deliver content.”
Patrick Bosek

CEO, Heretto

“This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to redefining customer support. By harnessing the advanced capabilities of SearchUnify, we empower businesses to deliver unparalleled customer experience.”
Gon Nivron

CEO and Co-founder, Customer Care Excellence

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Our technology partners are companies that have integrated their tech stack with our expertise in cognitive technology to unlock joint platform synergies and deliver a higher ROI.

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Our consulting and advisory partners are leaders in the field of strategic project advice and enable global enterprises to power digital business transformation.

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Our referral partner program is a flexible and profitable model designed to reward our customers and partners for introducing SearchUnify to their respective network.

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