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SearchUnify for Appinium

Make your Salesforce Community more engaging and intelligent with a unified view
of video and learning content.

How SearchUnify Optimizes Appinium for Next-Level User Learning Experiences

An elevated community experience for your customers, employees, and partners with hyper-personalization and enhanced findability of learning content.

Manage Accessibility and Permissions Side-by-Side

With role-based access and object-level permissions, you can seamlessly manage the accessibility of learning content, empowering administrators to define who can access specific learning content and to what extent.

Enable Cross-channel Search & Augment Discovery

With SearchUnify’s cross-channel search capabilities and the ability to natively index Salesforce objects (cases, knowledge, feed etc.) and Appinium objects (media, learning, events, PDF files etc.), users can seamlessly access Appinium's learning content from within various platforms such as Khoros, JIRA, Salesforce Clouds, and more, without tab hopping.

Guide Users to Relevant Results with Search-Powered Facets

With SearchUnify’s advanced engine and auto facets capability, it can intelligently pre-select categories based on the user's profile and search query for a faster discovery experience.

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AI-fueled Relevance for Optimized Search Results

With the ability to configure the order of results by content type, source, date, keywords, and intent you get complete autonomy over the results your end-users see. This helps you deliver a positive learning experience.

Drive Engagement with Personalization

Leveraging SearchUnify’s deep learning algorithms, it can better understand the user intent and deliver highly personalized & relevant results, thus elevating content adoption.

In Their Own Words: Appinium’s Experience
with SearchUnify

Discover how SearchUnify has transformed Appinium’s platform. Watch the video to hear Lisa Dubernard, Sales Enablement, and Implementation Consultant at Appinium, discuss the impact and benefits of integrating SearchUnify.

Leverage NLP to Understand Your Users Better

SearchUnify leverages NLP and NLU to analyze and match every query with the most relevant results, even if the user doesn’t frame perfect queries. This helps Appinium users with the most engaging learning guides and tutorials.

Optimize Learning Database with
Real-time Analytics

Leverage deep analytics around top searches, searches with no results, content that is deflecting cases, and much more, to see how users search for learning resources and then engage with the results. This gives you a good idea about general interests and also allows you to plug any gaps in your content.

Brightree’s Success Leveraging the Potent duo of SearchUnify and Appinium

Customer Support & Self-service

Search clicks increased from 5,600 to 13,993 per month

Customer Support & Self-service

Searches with no results reduced from 720 to 209 per month

Customer Support & Self-service

The average search conversion rate skyrocketed from 35% to 48%

Customer Support & Self-service

Stage 1 self-service resolution reached an impressive 83% from 28%

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