The Security & Integrity Of Your Data is Our Priority

Data Security, Availability, and Confidentiality

Provide seamless access to your cross-channel information corpus while ensuring highest security standards and compliance with stringent regulations.

Control Where Your Data Resides with an On-premise Index

To ensure your enterprise data remains within your infrastructure, there is a provision to host your SearchUnify index on-premise.

Control Who Can Access Your SearchUnify Instance

SearchUnify allows you to define who can and who cannot access the admin panel by whitelisting IP addresses. You can also define what level of access a user within a particular network has by restricting the IP address as well as roles.

Be Assured of Compliance

SearchUnify is an enterprise search product created by Grazitti Interactive – a company that has achieved regulatory compliance with ISO 27001:2013, HIPAA, PIMS, and SSAE 18. We are committed to supporting the highest standards for business process control, data security, and privacy.

Protect Your Data in Transit & at Rest

SearchUnify uses AES-256 encryption while storing the indexes in the middleware. To ensure that no unauthorized person accesses the information, we use multifactor authentication. We understand data in transit is more vulnerable and prone to attacks than data at rest. SearchUnify uses TLS 1.2 encryption to protect data in transit.

Maintain Reliability with a
Single-tenant Solution

SearchUnify is a single-tenant solution, which guarantees additional security of the content when maintaining its indices and prevents any accidental information leakage.

Ensure Secure Native Connectivity with OAuth 2.0 Authentication

SearchUnify provides industry standard OAuth 2.0 for authenticating access to different content source platforms. It ensures native installation for every content source by respecting object and field level access. Also, the users do not have to release their personal information but still have the ability to share data with ease.

Keep Tabs On Your Instance’s

You get a separate application Status Page that tells you about the current health of your SearchUnify instance. These include the operational health of your admin panel, help centre, content & search API. In case of any errors or malfunctions, the system generates an automatic alert to the admin via phone or email.

Have a VAPT Audited Product

SearchUnify conducts vulnerability assessment and penetration tests, both internal & external, on its products on a regular basis to ensure their performance is to their best at all times. Our Customer Agreement, therefore, forbids one from delving into any kind of security, performance, vulnerability, and stress testing on the product without prior permission.

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