SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

Ring in the new year with a victory lap through SearchUnify’s incredible 2023!

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s the perfect time to look back at our remarkable journey filled with unprecedented achievements, technological advancements, insightful webinars, and significant milestones. True to our mission, we remained committed to empowering businesses with cutting-edge GenAI-powered solutions.

Now, let’s take a monthly recap of the key events that shaped SearchUnify’s 2023 into an amazing one.

1. January: A Stellar Start to Excellence

What could be a better start to 2023 than being recognized as a Leader in G2’s 2023 Grid® Report, for the eleventh time in a row? Yes, you read it right! This remarkable achievement showed our unwavering commitment to deliver a positive customer experience.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

To start the year on a high note, we hosted a pivotal webinar featuring John Ragsdale, VP of Technology Ecosystems TSIA on “Six Ways Customer Support is Driving Revenue and ARR”. It wasn’t just a webinar but an insightful exploration of the correlation between CSAT scores, renewals, and support experience.

At SearchUnify, we believe in continuous learning and knowledge sharing; with this commitment, another enlightening session was conducted on how premium support models can convert support functions into a profit center. Therefore, it’s evident that SearchUnify is poised for a successful year.

2. February: Empowering the SearchUnify Community

We started February with a bang and witnessed the launch of a search analytics course on the SearchUnify Academy, marking a commitment to engage, interact, and educate the SearchUnify community.

Within the SearchUnify Community, a key topic was around customer behavior. We explored how cognitive tech enhances Customer Effort Score (CES) tracking, showcasing the company’s dedication to smarter decision-making and customer retention.

3. March: Stepping Into the Limelight

SearchUnify bagged a Silver Stevie for its in the Contact Center Solution – New Version’ for sales & customer service and a Bronze Stevie Award for ‘Best Use of Technology in Customer Service,’ alongside one of the elite customers, ServiceTitan.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

Furthermore, we introduced an FAQ section, a video guide, and an add-on to the SearchUnify Analytics course with our commitment to delivering top-notch content through SearchUnify Academy.

4. April: Discovering the Power of AI

In April, we hosted “SU Innovate,” a virtual extravaganza showcasing the power of generative AI to optimize workflows and how the integration of LLMs with SearchUnify will reshape the landscape.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

Moreover, April was a month of groundbreaking achievements and recognition. Amidst these accomplishments, SearchUnify proudly positioned itself as a Leader in the G2 Spring 2023 Grid® Report.

But that’s not all. SearchUnify also secured the “Gold Stevie” for Excellence in Innovation in Business Product & Service Industries at the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards and the “Bronze Stevie Award” for Innovative Use of Technology In Customer Service, in collaboration with TechnologyOne, a leading global SaaS ERP solution.

5. May: Making Waves Globally

This month, SearchUnify shone brightly as a Silver Sponsor at the TSIA World INTERACT event, the USA’s premier support and tech extravaganza.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

Additionally, we launched two game-changing products, SUVA and Knowbler, equipped with advanced Language Model capabilities to enhance customer support and self-service experiences.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

Capping off a remarkable month, SearchUnify was honored with a prestigious Gold award at the 2023 Globee® Awards in the ‘Best New Product or Service for Customer Service’ category. Continuing the momentum, SearchUnIfy’s Knowbler won its first Bronze Stevie° Award, affirming its position as the world’s first knowledge-centered customer support product.

6. June: Community Success and Recognition

June Month was dedicated to online communities. We hosted a webinar featuring Austin Grimes (Sr. Community Manager Flexera) and Todd Nilson (Online Community Strategist) to uncover Flexera’s proven strategies to leverage the power of online communities in achieving substantial 31% case deflection and 40% self-service conversion.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

Surpassing our clients’ expectations is our utmost priority. SearchUnify’s contribution to TechnologyOne’s success exemplifies this commitment. After implementing our solution, TechnologyOne achieved 75% self-service, 25% customer base growth, and streamlined agent onboarding.

7. July: Transforming Customer Support Landscape

Throughout the year, we emphasized technological advancements and explored the transformative impact of LLMs on customer support through our ” Context Matters: Amplify Your Chatbot’s Potential with LLM-Powered Intelligence” webinar. This webinar was about how LLM-powered chatbots integrated with the Federated Retrieval Augmented Generation (FRAG) framework make support interactions relevant and accurate, reducing operational costs and automated resolutions.

In addition, we launched ‘The Customer Service Show’ vodcast series, featuring eight episodes, to reveal the strategy for establishing a thriving premium support program. Furthermore, our dedication to innovation is evident in the remarkable upgrades to our instance, including SUVA, Knowbler, and Cognitive Search, with a shift from yearly to monthly updates.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

We all witnessed a moment of pride when Alok Kumar Ramsisaria, our CEO, was named one of India’s Most Trusted Leaders by Great Place to Work® in 2023. This accolade reflects our commitment to leadership excellence and serves as further inspiration for our pursuit of innovation and customer-centric solutions.

8. August: Industry Recognition and Webinar Excellence

We kicked off August with a thrilling achievement. SearchUnify clinched prestigious spots in KMWorld’s Top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management for 2023, KMWorld’s AI 50, and The KMWorld AI 100.

Moving forward, we hosted a webinar, “Beating the Escalation Blues with Cognitive Technology,” highlighting the significance of escalation management and the cutting-edge framework that can help. While we cannot completely tame escalations, you can surely minimize them with Cognitive Technology.

Furthermore, we rolled out new product updates to ensure our products stay in sync with the changing landscape.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

9. September: Premium Support Success Unveiled

Sparkling with innovation, our parent company, Grazitti Interactive, took center stage as the Navigator Sponsor at Salesforce’s iconic Dreamforce 2023 event, showcasing the SearchUnify platform in San Francisco, CA.

Excitingly, we revamped SearchUnify Academy, our dedicated learning platform packed with bite-sized courses, and provide an all-inclusive space to empower you to stay on top of your game.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

Rounding out a whirlwind month, Searchunify hosted a webinar, “Unlocking Premium Support Success with the Right Process and Technology,” offering valuable insights on how to achieve premium support success through a strategic alignment of process and technology.

10. October: Empowering Businesses with GenAI-powered Solutions

Can we call October “The crowning month of 2023”? If you ask us WHY, we can give you numerous compelling reasons.

Firstly, SearchUnify made waves at TSIA Envision as a Platinum Sponsor, and was recognized as “Leader” in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide General-Purpose Knowledge Discovery Software 2023 Vendor Assessment.

Adding the icing to the cake, our cutting-edge product, Knowbler, drove a notable 50% increase in knowledge creation and agent productivity for Syntellis. Hear straight from the folks in this video.

While Knowbler showed its potential, our CTO Vishal Sharma dismantled traditional knowledge management in a TSIA webinar, touting LLMs as the game-changers.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

11. November: Overcoming Limitations with LLMs

While LLMs were in the spotlight at the TSIA World ENVISION conference, our team explored how AI-powered search solutions overcome their limitations. Additionally, SearchUnify’s Knowbler, nominated for the “Best Demo” category at the Support Driven Community Awards, added another accolade to our achievements.

Furthermore, we’ve also released a new product update, enhancing our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

12. December: Chronicle of Innovation

We concluded 2023 with the release of a comprehensive video series, “SUVA Chronicles,” showcasing how SUVA integration reduces support costs by 35%. Moreover, introducing the NLP manager course on SearchUnify Academy further emphasized the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation.

SearchUnify 2023: A Comprehensive Year in Review

Beyond Innovation: Your Tech Adventure in 2024 Starts Now

2023 wasn’t just a year for SearchUnify; it was a revolution. SearchUnify has kept pace with the industry and set the bar higher, from industry recognitions to insightful webinars and groundbreaking product launches.

As we enter 2024, the journey of innovation and excellence continues for SearchUnify. 2024 whispers promise of unseen breakthroughs and unheard-of solutions.

What will SearchUnify unveil next? Stay tuned to find out.


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