SearchUnify Virtual Assistant (SUVA): The Key to Unlocking Next-Gen HR Support

SearchUnify Virtual Assistant (SUVA): The Key to Unlocking Next-Gen HR Support

The annual revenue of HR tech was estimated at 62.6 billion USD in 2022 and is expected to increase to 91.8 billion USD by 2026.

There isn’t a walk of life that hasn’t been impacted by digital transformation and artificial intelligence. The Human Resources (HR) function is no exception. Many organizations are embracing HR technology at full throttle to get rid of monotonous and tedious tasks, thereby freeing up the staff for more strategic and high-value engagements. Unfortunately, most good things come with a slight downside.

As decision-makers, it is critical that you evaluate the possible challenges of deploying HR tech. Let’s dive deeper into some of the most common ones and see what is the best solution to overcome them.

Key HR Tech Challenges

Fragmented HR Software

Organizations often use multiple tools and software to handle different functional areas of the human resource department; including payroll, talent acquisition, learning and development, employee onboarding, etc. But when these tools fail to communicate with each other or struggle to send data back and forth, it becomes challenging to synchronize these disintegrated systems. The result? Employee information gets trapped in the labyrinth of silos.

Sub-Par Employee Experience

Employees want to cross-check multiple things including leave balance, delivered hours, PTOs, etc., especially on a payday. With outdated HR systems, they run to the HR team for help during every inconvenience. So, it not only unnecessarily adds to the overflowing plate of HRs but any sort of delay in responding hampers employee experience.

SUVA: Your One-Stop Solution to All HR Tech Challenges

The chatbot wave is at an all-time high and there isn’t a single industry that is untouched. After all, nobody minds using an extra hand in the form of a virtual assistant to offload their mundane and routine tasks.

Enters SearchUnify Virtual Assistant (SUVA), which combines the magic of LLMs, AI, intelligent search, and adaptive unsupervised learning to provide hyper-personalized and contextual responses that enhance the quality of user interactions.

Not to forget, it has many valuable features that will make the HR team giddy with joy!

Reach the Pinnacle of Efficiency By Deploying SUVA for HR Operations

1. Offload Routine & Mundane Tasks

A good amount of the HR team’s time is invested in providing payroll and policy information, managing leaves, adhering to the risk and compliance-related tasks, reimbursements, and employee engagement. Therefore, putting strategic plans and goals on the back burner.

SUVA can be trained on internal data to keep track of all the policies and individual employee progress so that it can be aware of things like upcoming employee appraisals. It assists employees with HR policies 24×7. So, helping your staff with routine queries around compensation, medical insurance, leave balance, etc., can be just a chat away.

2. Create a Seamless Onboarding Experience

Every organization executes a comprehensive onboarding strategy to smoothly welcome new hires aboard. However, the scattered knowledge on disparate employee portals and hesitation to ask the next-desk colleagues to clear doubts often impede the process.

SUVA is powered by SearchUnify’s unified cognitive platform, which makes it easier for it to provide relevant help with content pieces and similar recommendations during the training period. It also keeps in mind the user journey, profile, and behavior to auto-populate content that might come in handy during the process. Not to forget, it even leverages NLU-powered algorithms that understand your employees’ needs and provide accurate answers right where they are.

3. Expedite Recruitment Process to Save Costs & Efforts

Did you know that it can take up to six months or more for an organization to break even on its investment in a new hire?

From helping hire the perfect candidates for your company, to ensuring their onboarding and training go smoothly, SUVA can handle it all! It can shortlist candidates, schedule interviews, and even conduct them using NLP to analyze whether the candidate’s answers align with the job requirements. Once onboarded, it helps new employees with their training and any corresponding questions they may have.

4. Elevate Employee Self-Service with Transactional AI

In an overcrowded marketplace, AI-powered bots that function as transactional AI stand apart. In addition to recommending helpful knowledge, they understand the user’s needs and act on them right from the chat interface.

Once SUVA has been deployed, your HR team will no longer have to deal with various kinds of operations, such as identity verification, resetting passwords, etc. Transactional AI enables SUVA to do all of this without any human intervention.

5. Solicit Feedback Anonymously

HR teams have to be on the constant lookout for the employees’ welfare and ensure that they are thriving in a healthy work environment. To understand how they really feel, it is important for HR professionals to gather genuine feedback.

However, employees often shy away from saying anything negative during their tenure. SUVA can shine as a friendly colleague with whom concerns are shared. Then using NLP to identify key information, SUVA can summarize the learnings and pass them anonymously to the HR team or management for further action.

Want to See SUVA, the “Best-of-Breed” Chatbot, In Action?

SearchUnify was cited as the “Best‑of‑breed provider” in TSIA’s research report – The Chatbot Comeback. “To avoid significant delays, we recommend looking for solution providers who offer both products, eliminating much of the confusion for IT. SearchUnify is an example of such a company, offering both unified intelligent search and chatbot products,” writes TSIA.

No wonder, SUVA has come even further and expanded its capabilities, such as being able to support HR teams from the get-go, so you can bid adieu to the tireless training sessions!

Also, SUVA helps in other fields as well. Learn all about it in this informative brochure or request a demo today!

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