The Power of Customer Learning: Cultivating Engaged and Empowered Users

The Power of Customer Learning: Cultivating Engaged and Empowered Users

Do you ever feel like some users are stuck in a product limbo? They might have signed up, but rarely interact. Or, they use the product regularly, but only the basic features. This value gap – the disconnect between what your product offers and how much customers are utilizing it – poses a significant threat to your business.

The good news? There’s an underutilized strategy with huge potential that can bridge this gap: Customer Learning.

A recent study by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) confirms the power of customer education. They found that training boosts product usage by a whopping 68%. Additionally, over half (56%) of trained users unlock more features than they would have on their own. The study also reveals that a staggering 87% of trained customers become self-sufficient.

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These numbers speak for themselves. Investing in customer education goes beyond just teaching people how to use your product. It builds stronger bonds with your customers, fosters loyal advocates, and empowers users to become champions of your product.

Let me give you an example!

Harry was buried under a mountain of dusty books in the Forbidden Section of Hogwarts, his Invisibility Cloak draped loosely over him.

“Nicholas Flamel,” he mumbled, but the only answers these books offered were unknown symbols and pictures that looked like they hadn’t been touched since forever. Hours turned into forever as he flipped through endless pages, the only sounds were the creak of old paper and his own heavy breathing. “Ugh, there’s gotta be a better way,” he groaned, wishing for a magic flashlight to point him to the right info/in the right direction.

Just like Harry, many users struggle to find the information they need within your product. They might have access to a vast library of features, but without proper guidance, they remain hidden in the shadows. An LMS acts as Harry’s magical flashlight, illuminating the path to relevant resources and empowering him to find the information he seeks quickly and efficiently. A powerful search engine, meanwhile, becomes his personal guide, instantly surfacing the exact knowledge he needs.

Importance of Customer learning

Customer Learning: Building Bridges and Boosting Business

We’ve established that many users struggle to tap into a product’s full potential, creating a gap between what you offer and what they utilize. This is where customer learning comes in as a powerful bridge. By investing in educating your customers, you unlock a wealth of benefits for both them and your business. Here’s How:

  • Increased Product Usage and Feature Adoption

As the TSIA study highlighted, customer education leads to a significant increase in product usage. Empowered users explore more features, unlocking the true value of your product.

  • Reduced Support Costs and Increased Efficiency

Educated users are less likely to rely on support for basic questions. This frees up your support team to handle more complex issues, improving overall efficiency.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

When customers can leverage your product effectively, they experience greater satisfaction. This translates to higher retention rates and fosters a loyal customer base.

  • Enhanced Customer Advocacy

Confident users who understand the product’s value are more likely to become brand advocates. They may recommend your product to others or share positive experiences online.

  • Stronger Customer Relationships

Investing in customer education demonstrates your commitment to their success. This fosters trust and builds stronger relationships with your clientele.

By implementing a customer learning program, you’re not just providing information – you’re empowering users, building bridges of understanding, and ultimately creating a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

Bridging the Learning Gap

Despite the evident advantages, a significant gap exists in meeting customer learning needs. 68% of customer learning leaders perceive their programs as underperforming relative to their learners’ requirements. This highlights a critical area for improvement. But we have a solution!

Developing a World-Class Customer Learning Experience

Crafting an exceptional customer learning experience requires careful consideration. To assist you in navigating this landscape, we are hosting a webinar titled: “Blueprint for AI-Powered Customer Learning Experiences.”

This webinar will equip you with the knowledge necessary to design a cutting-edge learning enablement platform leveraging the power of cognitive search.

Join industry experts Jaime Barrilleaux (EBSCO Information Services), Lisa Dubernard (Appinium), and Anirudh Parihar (SearchUnify) for this insightful webinar. Gain valuable insights on creating a customer education program that not only meets but exceeds your learners’ needs.

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