Introducing SearchUnify Virtual Assistant (SUVA): An LLM-Powered Chatbot for Proactive Support

Introducing SearchUnify Virtual Assistant (SUVA): An LLM-Powered Chatbot for Proactive Support

“Our future success is directly proportional to our ability to understand, adopt and integrate new technology into our work.” — Sukant Ratnakar, renowned author and CEO of Quantraz

We’re ecstatic to announce that our Intelligent Chatbot has significantly evolved and now emerged as a stand-alone product SearchUnify Virtual Assistant or SUVA.

SearchUnify Virtual Assistant or SUVA

So, why did we need to upgrade our amazing chatbot? Well, that’s a story for now.

The Story Behind SUVA

Did you know that the global chatbot market size is estimated to reach around $4.9 billion by 2032?

Chatbots aren’t revolutionary or unheard of. They’ve been around for quite some time and are capable of greeting people and answering simple questions. Their Achilles heel is the fact that they’re not good at, well, chatting!

Many businesses opt for a scripted chatbot. These bots specialize in responding to predefined commands and answering specific questions. That means every interaction can only follow a limited number of defined paths.

That’s where next-gen solutions like SUVA shine. Powered by core technologies like generative AI, machine learning, and NLP, it can comprehend human speech and frame meaningful responses on the go.

But that’s not all. SUVA packs oodles of nifty features that will keep you and your customers on your toes. Want to learn more about the tech that powers SUVA? Well then, hang on tight!

Looking Under SUVA’s Cognitive Hood

SUVA is built atop our unified cognitive platform that leverages the following:

Artificial Intelligence

SUVA taps two popular branches of AI: machine learning and natural language processing. While the former uses data and algorithms to imitate how humans learn, the latter allows computers to understand human language.

Cognitive Search

SUVA leverages a unified index of all your organizational knowledge to quickly scan multiple repositories and deliver relevant information right within the chat window.

Unsupervised & Adaptive Learning Models

Another thing that helps SUVA stand out is its ability to recognize patterns and determine intent from the user queries without human supervision. This helps minimize the human effort required to train the bot.

Benefits of SUVA

SUVA’s Key Capabilities

It comes loaded with slew of impeccable features that help your customers and teams such as:

Seamless Handoff

If a user has any query, SUVA will try its best to provide a solution based on available data. In case the user feels the need to talk to a live agent, it will further loop them in with a summary of the conversation so far. As a result, the service representative can effortlessly take over the conversation.

Seemless handoffs

Direct Case Creation Within the Bot

Imagine a customer interacting with your bot to troubleshoot an issue but couldn’t find a satisfactory answer. The next step would be to log a ticket, which involves reiterating all the information they just shared in the conversation with the bot.

SUVA quickly analyzes the conversation to create a detailed ticket on the customer’s behalf.

Dynamic Decision Tree Structure

Unlike most chatbots, SUVA makes it easier to design new conversation flows and update the ones that already exist.

Admins simply have to select an intent and develop a layout consisting of possible scenarios made up of parent and child nodes. The next step is to add utterances, intents, and entities for a complete conversation flow.

Real-time Chatbot Analytics

One of the best things about SUVA is that you get to know whether it’s helping you achieve the desired results or not. Its real-time chat analytics reveal the following:

  • Coverage: The number of interactions that were “covered.” This refers to queries whose scenarios the bot is already trained for.
  • Chat transcript: This displays details about the sessions, such as coverage, intents used, last activity, user feedback, etc.
  • Intents: Provides insights regarding the most used intents and the most triggered utterances within them.
Transactional AI

In addition to understanding user queries and responding with succinct answers, SUVA can also help them with a number of tasks such as resetting passwords, verifying identity, confirming updates, etc. It does so without any human intervention, thus doubling down as a transactional AI.

Use Cases

SUVA can automate various types of internal operations to reduce employee burden while simultaneously lowering costs.

  • Support: Quickly provide precise answers to customers and employees to facilitate faster turnaround time and reduce mean time to resolution.
  • HR: From headhunting to offboarding, HRs professionals are required everywhere. SUVA lightens their load by aiding onboarding and answering any questions the employees might have.
  • IT: The AI-powered chatbot can handle IT queries and support requests from employees, such as basic troubleshooting, providing software recommendations, etc.

What You Can Expect in the Future

SUVA is the result of years of learning, unlearning, and relearning. Although we’re quite happy with where we are right now, we’ve a long way to go. That means there’s a lot more in store for you!

What You Can Expect in the Future

So, what are you waiting for? See SUVA in live action!