5 Tantalizing Ways to Deliver Vibrant CX with Better Content Experience

5 Tantalizing Ways to Deliver Vibrant CX with Better Content Experience

With digitalization in full swing, content has become the cornerstone of all CX efforts. But with so many organizations treading the same digital path, how can you ensure your content stream is standing out from the crowd?

The answer lies in the quality of content and its experience. That is where the concept of content experience comes into play. Put simply, it is the convergence of content and context.

In this blog, I will blow the gaff on the concept of content experience and the key ingredients required to deliver it impeccably. Without further ado, here we go!

Content Experience: The Latest Business Battlefield

What do cruise ships and content experience have in common?

It is part journey and part destination – much like how customers feel about your content. It not only solves their queries (destination) but also compels them enough to continue engaging with the website (journey) to better understand your business.

Content experience can be defined as the overall experience of consuming a stream of content from a brand. It encapsulates every step of the content journey—from finding, assessing , consuming , and engaging—across devices or platforms. It focuses on structuring, packaging, and leveraging your content in a quintessential way.

Now that we know what content experience purports, how can we ensure that our content assets become the big-hitters they ought to be? Let’s find out!.

5 Attributes of a Stellar Content Experience

Can’t find the missing puzzle pieces to render a superlative content experience? Given below are five attributes with an eye toward elevating the content experience while ameliorating the CX.

1. Personalized

The prerequisite to delivering quality content is thoroughly understanding your audience. Just blasting a message with your brand name would not create the experiences customers are seeking. In fact, a well-crafted content experience means two people looking at the same website but seeing different information based on their role, behavior, and interests.

2. Relevant

What good is a data corpus if the users still bump into static & irrelevant information? The primary objective of producing content is to inform, engage, or help users. A document may appear useful, but its litmus test is if it helps seekers accomplish their goal. After all, content is king, relevance is queen, and engagement is the kingdom.

To connect the right content to the right person at the right time and elevate the user experience. Organizations can do so by mapping user behavior, historical click-throughs, synonyms, engagement rates, and page rating.

3. User-Centric

As the name suggests, a user-centric content strategy puts the spotlight on your customers’ journey to add value. While crafting a content experience, it’s paramount to understand your users, their thought process, goals, and how they make decisions. Once you’ve answered all these questions, it becomes a walk in the park to devise an effective and successful content strategy.

4. Contextual

Users search with an intent in mind, not keyword. That said, different users search for the same thing in their own way. For example, if A searches for ‘How to use Netflix on iPhone’ while B types ‘Netflix for iPhone,’ the results should be limited to Netflix on iOS.

So, if you want to ace content experience, you must understand the context and intent of a customer’s query based on the type of device, location, time of day, customer journey stage, etc. Consequently, you’ll score big on CX irrespective of the permutations and combinations of a query.

5. Connected

A customer’s journey commences the moment they interact with the brand. The elixir to enabling great customer experiences is by optimizing and connecting processes and interactions across all touchpoints. It’s important to orchestrate experiences in a way that connects content to different stages of the user journey. Organizations can map this journey by citing the user’s preceding circumstances and accordingly suggesting a path forward.

This way, you can keep the forthcoming piece of content from becoming a dead end. To illustrate, a prospect lands on your website by coming across a banner about an upcoming webinar on the customer community. Once the user interest has been identified, we can proactively build an upsell or cross-sell strategy.

Looking to Double Down On Content Experience?

By now you already understand the value of creating high-value content that drives continuous engagement. However, devising an effective content experience strategy is easier said than done. The siloed interactions across a customer’s journey thwarts an organization’s attempts to improve the content experience.

If you can relate, then join our upcoming webinar where Steve Jacobson, Appinium Founder and CEO, and Alok Ramsisaria, CEO, Grazitti Interactive, will co-present a session to discuss the importance of gaining a comprehensive understanding of your customers. You’ll also learn to take brand advocacy and loyalty up a few notches with a little nudge from cognitive technology.

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