Mamba ‘21: Delivering on the Promise of Augmented Intelligence with More Insights, Better UX, and Smarter Service

Mamba ‘21: Delivering on the Promise of Augmented Intelligence with More Insights, Better UX, and Smarter Service

2020 is slowly inching towards its end. This means it’s time for yet another enthralling release to deliver on the promise of augmented intelligence. Towards that end, we’re super pumped to announce our latest release: Mamba ‘21.

This update focuses on making SearchUnify a more insightful, practical, and impact-driven platform. It packs a slew of new apps, features, & enhancements that drive up the usability quotient and bring down the time to realization. Here are some of the notable changes.

1. Escalation Predictor

Sometimes, things are beyond the control of a support engineer. No matter how hard they try, escalation is inevitable. Needless to say, such red hot cases need to be addressed carefully. However, there’s no mechanism to flag these cases.

Escalation Predictor looks at a variety of indicators like customer sentiment, type of query, time of ticket creation, etc. to provide the likelihood of escalation. This prepares the agents to interact better and pass the baton to the right agent if need be.

The app further augments the platform’s existing suite of AI-fueled apps aimed at streamlining, optimizing, and future-proofing the support ecosystem. They elevate the experience of customers, agents, community managers, knowledge workers, and support managers.

2. Conversational Intelligence

We’ve always strived to build the chatbot that everyone dreamt of. That means it must strike the perfect balance between intelligence and ease of use. Recent recognition by TSIA is a testament that we’ve made massive strides towards the former. So this time around, we’ve shifted our focus towards usability.

a. Customizable Sample Stories

Training your SearchUnify chatbot is even easier now. You can get it to start chatting right off the bat. Instead of starting from scratch, you can use a customizable template and simply tweak it. That’s what sample stories are all about.

They give you a base storyline that you can alter as you seem fit. You’ll find a number of such stories for different use cases. This significantly brings down the chatbot’s time to deploy.

b. Support for Multiple Languages

Another noteworthy upgrade is the out-of-the-box support for a ton of languages. Now personalized and contextual interactions don’t need to be restricted by tongues.

3. Insights Engine

Analytics has always been a cornerstone of the platform as well as the apps that come with it. We take a lot of pride in the fact that we always reach a higher echelon to delight data-hungry managers and business leaders. Mamba ‘21 hasn’t deviated from that path. It includes:

a. New Reports & Charts

Who said it’s hard to measure search experience? Mamba ‘21 introduces two new reports that can help you achieve this feat. Let’s take a look:

  1. Click Search Position Report: For every search query, the engine populates a plethora of results with the closest matches placed at the top. Without this, many users might assume the content doesn’t exist and leave. This is where our handy report kicks in.

    It identifies & reports queries where relevant results were found after scrolling down or moving to the next page. This gives you the ability to optimize the results and improve relevancy.

  2. Average Click Search Position Report: It operates just like the previous report. The only difference is that it’s more focused on the overall relevance of search results as compared to the query-basis approach of the Click Search Position Report.

Both the reports are a great way to gauge your search experience and smoothen out any rough edges.

b. Quick Access Filters in Session Tracking Details

The session tracking module now comes with a number of quick filters for the most widely used filter combinations in Session Tracking Details.

It enables knowledge and community managers to quickly get into the weeds and closely analyze different types of user journeys. The filters combine different parameters like case creation and search operation. As a result, the managers get a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t.

c. Holistic Deflection Tracker

Deflection helps cut support cost & propel CSAT score. So, it’s only fair that self-service and support leaders would like to measure it extensively. To facilitate that, SearchUnify will now report deflection that didn’t involve search.

The core case deflection measurement formula has been updated to keep a track of searchless deflections. Additionally, there is a brand new chart that depicts total sessions alongside deflected sessions. This way, Mamba ‘21 establishes a one-stop-shop for all the case deflection data.

4. Augmented Experience

Mamba ‘21 also ushers in a bunch of usability upgrades on the console as well as search clients. These include:

a. Admin Panel
  1. User Role Management: This is another major addition to the platform. Now, you can have three types or levels of users: moderator, admin, and super admin. While the first two have been there for a while, Super Admins are new. They can add or remove any admin or moderator, and change what they can access or edit.

b. Search Experience
  1. Grouped Content Versions: Some knowledge articles quickly become outdated once the updated version is added. To ensure these previous versions don’t take over the results page upon searching, the engine now packages all the versions as a single result with a drop-down version filter. This helps to improve the search experience. Also, you get to decide the criteria for this versioning.

  2. Source-Based Results Page: A search query typically populates relevant results from all the content sources. But what if a user only wants to see results from your online community or documentation center?

    That’s doable now with SearchUnify’s new results page. It displays results that are segmented based on their source. Users can toggle between the standard or the source-based results page.

    It also comes in handy for new implementations where the engine hasn’t accumulated enough data to optimize results for relevance.

  3. Preview Results: What better way to see if an article contains what you need than getting a little sneak-peek on the results page itself? With Mamba ‘21, that is on the cards. Users can now see a preview of the result without having to open new windows and switch between them.


In a nutshell, Mamba ‘21 helps you better realize the power of AI and drive more value from your investment. It introduces oodles of new features alongside several handy improvements that enhance usability, facilitate decision making, and contribute towards a more fluid UX.

The AI-powered apps — Escalation Predictor, Intelligent Chatbot, Agent Helper, KCS Enabler, and Community Helper — are directed towards helping brands better support and delight customers. From self-service to intelligent triaging of, they leave no stone unturned to ensure maximum satisfaction. And this is only the beginning. More apps and features are en-route that will turn SearchUnify into a one-stop-shop for all your support and self-service needs.

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