Introducing Knowbler: World’s First Knowledge-Centered Customer Service Software

Introducing Knowbler: World’s First Knowledge-Centered Customer Service Software

Enterprises across industries witness a tremendous influx of data, both structured and unstructured, ranging from customer interactions, sales figures, social media sentiments, and a lot more.

However, the challenge does not lie in collecting insights but in converting the abundance of data into meaningful information.

Introducing SearchUnify’s LLM-powered product, Knowbler (earlier known as KCS Enabler). Now, infused with the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) & Generative AI, it was designed in 2019 to help customer support leaders and knowledge workers with knowledge management woes and much more.

Knowbler: Where Knowledge Meets Personalization

With its ability to create, capture, and ultimately retrieve knowledge from disparate content sources, Knowbler automates the process and helps produce high-quality content. It helps support representatives publish information as a by-product of resolutions for undocumented issues. Additionally, its integration with Generative AI and LLMs is set to upscale knowledge management expeditiously.

And, as exciting as it may sound, Knowbler also has a tale to tell.

The Journey-So Far

Unlocking the Goals and Vision Behind Knowbler

The idea of developing Knowbler emerged in response to numerous challenges faced by customer support leaders and knowledge managers. These include:

  1. Struggle to Transition from Case-first to Knowledge-first Culture
  2. Limitations in existing knowledge management tools
  3. Insufficient knowledge capturing and sharing expertise
  4. Inability to document and leverage tacit knowledge

Here is How Knowbler Makes Knowledge Management Simpler & Smarter

1. Boosts Knowledge Creation

Knowbler leverages pre-defined templates to auto-populate titles, summaries, and other aspects of knowledge articles. This enables employees to capture and create information simultaneously, reducing the risk of knowledge leakage at any point. As a result, it fosters quick resolution and boosts knowledge creation at every possible touchpoint.

2. Simplifies Knowledge Sharing

Using Knowbler to share help articles is as easy as 1-2-3 with features like Copy to Clipboard, Share via Case Comment, and Send via Email. This streamlines knowledge sharing and ensures publishing and attaching articles is inculcated into an agent’s workflow.

3. Autogenerates Titles and Summary

Knowbler’s integration with LLMs enables the automatic generation of titles and summaries. Furthermore, Knowbler leverages Generative AI to create new article samples that match the style and tone of the original content by analyzing relevant parameters such as subject, description, and context. These titles and summaries are generated based on industry standards with appropriate character limits and punctuation.

4. Equips With Granular Report

Knowbler can generate granular reports through automated data analysis and summarization, presented in a user-friendly format. It identifies outliers and anomalies in large data sets and highlights them in detailed reports, including support effectiveness, low-impact KB articles, contributor analytics, articles usage analytics and so on.

5. Monitors and Amplifies Content Health

To ensure top-notch quality, Knowbler employs an ML quality checker that evaluates articles on four parameters: uniqueness, title relevancy, link validity, and metadata. It also recommends related content based on the user’s search history and behavior, improving the overall value of the knowledge base and encouraging further exploration. Furthermore, integration with Generative AI and LLMs helps enhance the content health of knowledge articles by suggesting improvements.

Hear what our client has to say:

The Journey-So Far

Welcome to the “Future of Knowledge Creation”

Knowledge lies at the heart of every service desk. And you can make it a success by leveraging SearchUnify’s Knowbler, which continues to make support representatives’ life easier by providing them with recommended templates and granular reports. With further enhancements, it now facilitates monitoring and quantifying content health scores and much more. Find more details on Knowbler here.

In fact, why not experience it live in action, by requesting a demo today?

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