Leveraging Cross-Channel Search to Empower Self-Service

Leveraging Cross-Channel Search to Empower Self-Service

One of the biggest challenges that rapidly growing hi-tech companies have to contend with is self-service support. In order to deliver seamless support and service, businesses had to rely on an army of service agents, which shot up the support costs. Also, having help content scattered across multiple platforms created a significant barrier towards delivering a unified customer experience.

By leveraging cross-channel search to empower self-service support, businesses can reduce support costs and increase case deflection. Moreover, an enterprise search platform can deliver relevant and personalized search to customers to enable self-service. Let’s take a look at how your business and customers can benefit from a site search platform:

Cross-Platform Integration

Most businesses have their customer community and help content on multiple platforms. Here, an enterprise search tool can unify search results and enable knowledge sharing. This helps break down silos, which results in a more holistic customer experience.

Optimize Search Results

An advanced site search platform helps optimize search results. Community managers can manually rank search results that present the best solution for customer queries. This boosts content engagement across your community, and enables support reps to deal with critical cases.

Identify Content Gaps

An intelligent search platform enables community managers to identify content gaps. By being able to drill down into search queries, businesses can uncover deeper insights. This allows them to understand content usage, conversions, search queries that drive minimal search results, and enables them to view search queries across regions.

Increased Case Deflection & Reduced Support Costs

Rapidly expanding businesses can reduce support costs and increase case deflection by deploying an enterprise search platform. Community users will then be able to see relevant help articles from all integrated knowledge sources. This, along with suggestive search allows users to solve their problems on their own, which reduces reliance on support reps.

By displaying relevant and personalized search results for customers, employees, or partners, businesses can break free from an archaic support setup and move on to the self-service era.

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