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How Chatbots Are Sweetening the Pot for Customer Service

Our ability to comprehend content & context to give an ideal reaction is at the very heart of every interaction. But what if this underlying principle was imbibed into machines with AI and machine learning? The result is highly sophisticated bot-based conversations of today.The chatbot wave is at an all-time high and its impact is felt across every industry and operational domain. However, customer service is one area which has been particularly transformed. Through round-the-clock availability and engaging human-like conversations,...

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5 Ways Intelligent Search Streamlines & Optimizes User Experience

The core of business success is happy customers. However, here is a teeny-tiny challenge: keeping customers happy is no walk in the park. Why, you ask? Well, the answer is customer expectations. Your customers want answers, they want them now, and they want them without having to interact with a human support agent. They expect you to empower them to resolve their queries on their own, and they expect the self-help experience to be delightful as well. So, it’s not...

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Breaking Down ‘Mamba’ Release: What the Changes Mean for You

Okay, here comes the news that we’ve been eagerly waiting to share - we have successfully rolled out the biggest and most anticipated release of the year - Mamba! This release brings in a whole array of new features and upgrades, and this blog post gives you a sneak peek into them. Without further ado, let’s get to it!1. Advances in AI & ML AI and machine learning power SearchUnify’s algorithm. That allows us to play around with ideas that haven’t...

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SearchUnify Rolls Out ‘Mamba’ to Enhance Customer Experience

We are thrilled to announce the successful rollout of our latest release - Mamba! And while this may sound like a cliché, but this is our biggest and greatest release yet! Mamba is a major release with an array of new features, significant new capability, apart from the regular UI improvements, bug fixes, and so on. This announcement aims to educate our customers and prospects as to how SearchUnify is becoming better and better at extracting search data and making something...

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SearchUnify to Attend TSW Las Vegas 2018 & Lead a Session on Scaling Support

San Ramon, CA, October 1, 2018 – At TSW Las Vegas 2018, SearchUnify will be leading a session on building and scaling support function from the ground up with Marketo’s & Rubrik’s support success as examples. Additionally, they will be exhibiting their AI-driven enterprise search solution.The international conference has a reputation for delivering one-of-a-kind idea sharing, peer learning, and networking opportunities in the technology & services sphere. The three-day event will be held on October 15-17, 2018 at ARIA Resort...

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SearchUnify Set to Debut at Dreamforce 2018, Paves the Way for Cognitive Search Experiences

San Ramon, CA, August 17, 2018 - SearchUnify, an AI-powered enterprise search solution by Grazitti Interactive, is participating in Dreamforce 2018 as a bronze sponsor from September 25 - 28 in San Francisco. Alok Ramsisaria, CEO of Grazitti Interactive, and a team of strategy and technology experts will represent SearchUnify’s discovery and analytics capabilities at the event.Dreamforce 2018 will provide attendees with an opportunity to be inspired by the world’s most innovative minds and get hands-on with the latest product...

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SearchUnify Deploys Boomslang ‘18 to Pave Way for More Cognitive Insights

We are proud to announce the successful deployment of SearchUnify’s latest iteration - Boomslang ‘18. It brings in a number of functional and cosmetic enhancements which aim to make SearchUnify’s console more rewarding, robust, and user-friendly. This post aims to outline all the major additions, enhancements, and upgrades brought forward by the release. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it: Insight Engine To begin with, Boomslang further enhances our core insight engine to offer more in terms of actionable business insights. We...

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SearchUnify All Set to Exhibit at TSW San Diego 2018

SearchUnify will be attending the Technology Services World (TSW) Expo 2018 from 7-9 May. Our CEO Alok Ramsisaria, Senior Technical Manager Vishal Sharma, and a team of strategy mavens will be in attendance at booth number 40, Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego.TSW is an annual event hosted by the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA). It brings together the sharpest minds from the support and sales verticals. This makes it the place to be for discussing ideas, networking, and learning about...

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Banking on Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Relevant Results

Relevance is the driving force behind every effective search solution. After all, what good is a search that does not even fetch the right results? A study by Advanced Web Rankings revealed that average users do not look past the initial five results on the first result page. This implies simply indexing information does not cut it anymore. The best results need to be right at the top in order to catch the user’s eye. In the purview of search, relevance –...

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Time to Clean Your Content Using Search Analytics


Your visitors form their first impression of your website within the first 2.6 seconds of landing. That’s the time you have to impress your visitors.To effectively engage your visitors, you must be able to proactively deliver what they’re looking for and empower them to find relevant information quickly.To ensure that only useful information reaches people, you need to maintain a repository of high-performing content. For that, you will have to identify the most useful content in your repository, weed out...

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Learn from Experts: How Marketo & Rubrik Scaled & Enhanced Global Support

Patricia Lughezzani

GVP - Customer Support & Advocacy, Marketo

Giri Iyer

SVP, Global Customer Support & Success, Rubrik

Alok Ramsisaria

CEO, Grazitti Interactive

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