How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Enterprise Search to Cognitive Search

Artificial Intelligence has been around the block for a while now. Bernard Marr, a Forbes writer, defined briefly, “The Greek myths contain stories of mechanical men designed to mimic our own behavior. Very early European computers were assumed as logical machines”. Now, we are seeing AI in every facet of our lives, from healthcare to digital assistants, and now even in enterprise search.

Artificial Intelligence and Search Analytics

Given the challenge of searching and organizing content across platforms, an AI-powered search helps deliver relevant and personalized results. As a Forrester report suggests, “More than half (54%) of global information workers are interrupted from their work and have to spend time looking for or trying to get access to information, insights, and answers.” This information is typically available within the organization, but is not readily accessible and/or searchable.

Artificial intelligence is transforming enterprise search as we know it. Moreover, keyword-based enterprise search engines of the past are becoming obsolete. This is why enterprises are making a move toward cognitive search. Leveraging artificial intelligence, cognitive search displays relevant and contextual search results, which ultimately drive self-service.

Forrester defines cognitive search as A new generation of enterprise search solutions that employ AI technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning to ingest, understand, organize, and query digital content from multiple data sources.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Make Search Cognitive?

When someone submits a search query, they implicitly tell the search engine what they’re looking for. Non-AI-powered search engines scan only the keywords provided by the user, search for those keywords in the content repository, and fetch search results that have those keywords in the content. Some of these results may be relevant for the user, while some may not be.

On the contrary, Artificial Intelligence-powered search solutions analyze the user’s search history, search behavior – the pages they visited, the content they read, the videos they watched, or the files they downloaded – and establish the context of the search query or searcher’s intent behind the query. Consequently, it fetches search results, which are contextual and are highly relevant for the user.

With multiple sites and platforms, it becomes increasingly difficult and tedious to manually update and organize content. Online community managers and website administrators find it next to impossible to keep pace with the rate of change of search queries.

This is where an AI-driven enterprise search solution helps transition from complex and manual search to self-learning and self-tuning cognitive search.

Cognitive search is the next evolutionary step and the cognitive search solutions today are different as they scale to handle a multitude of data sources and make use of artificial intelligence.

Are you willing to switch from intelligent search to cognitive search?

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