The Step-by-Step Guide to Calculating Customer Health Scores

Customer Health Scores are pivotal to any company’s customer success teams’ success in the long-run. The concept is not only a great way to reduce customer churn but also to make customers for life. TSIA, a leading research organization in support & services, even recommends using predictive analytics while measuring health scores to be part of the customer success pacesetters club. In this infographic, we are going to walk you through an easy 5-step approach to define and calculate your customer health scores.

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Support Leaders’ Cheat Sheet to the Top Customer Service KPIs

Want to Learn More on How to Improve Customer Health Scores and Overall CX? Add AI to Your Plan

Most customer relationships start from discovering a company’s product, but only a handful of them reach the advocate stage. We have crafted an eBook titled ‘Improving CX with AI.’ It is centered around three post-sales stages that customer success leaders are focused on – Onboarding, Nurturing, and Retention. Download it to see how you, too, can leverage AI at each of these stages to build long-lasting customer relationships.