SearchUnify Named in 2024 KMWorld AI 100: The Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management

Mountain View, CA | July 08, 2024 – SearchUnify, a leading unified cognitive platform, is named in the 2024 KMWorld AI 100: The Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management. The report highlights the top 100 organizations that are shaping the future by defining how knowledge is leveraged across different verticals and diverse use cases.

With this, SearchUnify maintains its streak of being one of an exclusive cohort of companies leading innovation in the knowledge management arena and setting fresh standards in the industry. SearchUnify was also named in KMWorld’s Top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management (2024), KMWorld’s Top 100 Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management (2023), KMWorld’s AI 50 (2022), and KMWorld’s Top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management (2022).

“It’s easy to become overwhelmed, even awestruck, at the amount of information about AI, particularly GenAI, thrown at us on a daily basis. The ability of AI technologies to process vast amounts of data, recognize patterns that humans can’t see, and generate new knowledge and insights boggles the imagination. We at KMWorld are excited about the potential of AI to provide innovative KM solutions across the entire enterprise.” – Marydee Ojala, KMWorld Editor-in-Chief

The KMWorld AI 100 recognizes organizations that are revolutionizing the knowledge management landscape through innovative AI-driven solutions. Being featured in this prestigious list is a testament to SearchUnify’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technologies that empower organizations to harness the full potential of their knowledge assets.

The CTO of SearchUnify, Vishal Sharma, stated: “At SearchUnify, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to develop AI-powered knowledge management solutions that anticipate and meet the evolving needs of our customers. Being recognized in the KMWorld AI 100 report further motivates us to continue our pursuit of excellence in this field.”

Knowbler, our flagship product, is the world’s first ML solution empowering employees to create, review, and share knowledge, within their workflows. With advanced analytics around knowledge performance and ROI, it revolutionizes knowledge discovery and enables organizations to unlock actionable insights from vast volumes of data. Recently, Knowbler also won the 2024 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award.

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About SearchUnify

SearchUnify is a unified search cognitive platform, by Grazitti Interactive, and is built on a machine learning and insights engine. The platform boasts a suite of AI-powered products, including Cognitive Search, SearchUnify Virtual Assistant (SUVA), Agent Helper, Knowledge Enabler (Knowbler), Escalation Predictor, and Community Helper. Leading enterprises globally rely on SearchUnify for revolutionizing information discovery and elevating support outcomes.

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