Support Leaders’ Cheat Sheet to the Top Customer Service KPIs

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” – Peter Drucker

Customer service is a critical business element, which when done right helps you recoup customer acquisition costs and nurture a loyal following that refers customers, serves as case studies, and provides testimonials and reviews. However, the wide variety of issues addressed by your staff will likely make you feel that customer support is highly subjective. Don’t buy it.

An effective support function is driven by a clear and well understood process backed by objective metrics. Well, establishing the right metrics to evaluate your service desk performance is a little tricky because it varies by industry and company’s requirements. The infographic below will brief you about the top customer service KPIs that will help you evaluate your agent productivity, operational efficiency, support function quality, and customer satisfaction.

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Support Leaders’ Cheat Sheet to the Top Customer Service KPIs

Eventually, your support function is expected to grow and you’ll have to outgrow your metrics portfolio in order to measure some things in more depth and other facets of your processes that weren’t captured by your initial metrics. Therefore, always select scalable KPIs. Set a ROI hypothesis based on the metric that you choose. The following is a one-hypothesis-fits-all structure that will help you decide your ultimate goal:

if _____, then _____,
which we want to _____

For example, “All of our team members are currently working in London, but if we add another service rep in Singapore, it will bring our first response time down. We want to boost CSAT, a metric tied to our customer retention.

Looking for the Fundamental Support KPIs to Step-Up Your Customer Service Like a Pro?

Irrespective of the industry or business type, cost per ticket and customer satisfaction are the two fundamental metrics of desktop support. While customer satisfaction can be quite subjective, cost per ticket is entirely objective. Moreover, all other desktop support metrics boil down to another form of cost containment relative to quality of the service. Download our free eBook The Complete Guide to Cost Per Ticket and learn the various ways to improve your bottomline without compromising on the customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.