Cognitive Technology: The Key to Predicting & Preventing Escalations In Modern Support

Escalation prediction is a process that anticipates likelihood of an incoming support ticket or case leading to escalation; because regardless of how airtight your customer service is, you cannot please everyone all the time. Occasionally, customers will be unhappy and irate; and demand to speak to the higher authority. And if such requests are mismanaged or overlooked, it can negatively impact customer experience, loyalty, and the overall brand image. This is where escalation management kicks in.

Escalation management is the process by which a customer’s complaint or issue is presented to a specialist, more experienced, or senior company representative — usually an L2 agent, supervisor, or manager — to resolve it in the most satisfying way possible. Some of the most common reasons for escalations are lack of agent resources or training, operational inefficiency, complexity of the query, sentiment of the interaction, and issue with the product or service. Let’s see how cognitive technology helps us overcome all these challenges by predicting and preventing escalations.

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Cognitive Technology: The Key to Predicting & Preventing Escalations In Modern Support

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