SearchUnify & Reuters Events to Present a Webinar on Reimagining Contact Centers for Better Agent Productivity & CSAT

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Mountain View, CA | April 28, 2021 – SearchUnify, a recognized unified cognitive platform, today announced that it’ll present a live, virtual webinar with Reuters Events on May 20, 2021, at 10:00 am PT (1 pm ET).

As much as businesses would like to wake up from the nightmare that 2020 was, it would be impractical to think the pandemic won’t have implications this year and beyond. That’s why organizations need to reimagine one of the hardest-hit functions: customer contact center. But how? That is the question this webinar aims to answer. It brings together experts that will uncover:

  • How to onboard, train, and engage agents for better productivity and CX
  • Latest tools & technologies to maximize the value of KB and break knowledge silos with methodologies like KCS
  • Usage of automation, chatbots, AI, & contextual knowledge bases to vastly improve agent & customer experience at scale.

If you want to create a disruption-free contact center, then register for the session here.

Reimagining the Contact Center

Last year, Tethr analyzed around a million customer service calls from over 20 companies representing a broad spectrum of industries. It painted a troubling picture for CX and support leaders. The analysis showed a dramatic increase in customer anxiety and frustration alongside agent struggle in finding effective responses. Since remote work might become the norm in the coming times, your agents need to be prepared to deal with different situations virtually.

“In a remote setting, service reps don’t have their peers or managers to lend a helping hand. Consequently, they struggle more than usual. This is where the right technology that helps them build as well as connect to knowledge base can make a huge difference,” said Alok Ramsisaria, CEO of Grazitti Interactive, the parent company of SearchUnify. “Another thing we need to factor in is the customer’s state of mind while answering their queries. With AI-enabled tech, you can gauge customer sentiments and predict escalations so that your agents can handle the case accordingly,” he added.

“Staying shackled to the old ways of support will hurt your team’s efficiency, which in turn can cost you the customer’s trust. It is time to add AI-fueled technology to your support workflows. Some leading examples of the same include next-gen chatbot and intelligent case assignment. And if you go about it the right way, you wouldn’t need a dedicated team of data scientists to implement, train, or maintain them,” said Vishal Sharma, CTO of SearchUnify.


Vishal Sharma

Rich Shaw
Vice President
Voice & Collaboration

Kevin Jestice
Vice President
Internal Sales & Service


Nicholas Zeisler
Principal & Founder
Zeisler Consulting

About Reuters Events

Based out of Central London, Reuters Events is one of the largest and fastest-growing events companies across the world. It serves a diverse range of industries and focuses on the challenges and opportunities resulting from technological and strategic innovation. Reuters use specialist industry knowledge to help companies address the most difficult business problems and determine their strategy.

About SearchUnify

SearchUnify is a unified cognitive platform that fuels the unification of disparate data silos to build a centralized content repository, an insights engine that articulates analytics to monitor KPIs and react to changing trends in real-time. It powers multiple next-gen applications including Intelligent Chatbots, Agent Helper, Community Helper, Knowbler, and Escalation Predictor – all of which elevate & personalize the experience of customers, agents, community managers, knowledge workers, and support managers.

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