SearchUnify to Attend TSIA Interact 2021 & Lead a Session on Enabling Proactive Support With Cognitive Technology

Mountain View, CA | April 15, 2021 – SearchUnify, an award‑winning unified cognitive platform provider, today announced its participation in TSIA Interact: The Haves & The Have Nots, a virtual technology and services conference. The live and immersive event is scheduled for May 4-6, 2021.

Businesses have undergone a dramatic change within the past year. The sudden switch to remote working shined a light on the gaping holes in customer support and self-service strategies. The three‑day event will share data-driven insights and the best practices for plugging those holes and delivering successful business outcomes. This conference is for every team from tech service, sales, and product.

SearchUnify, a Silver Sponsor for the event, will lead a session on “From Chaos to Clarity: Enabling Proactive Support with Cognitive Technology” on Thursday, May 6 from 09:00 AM‑09:45 AM (PST). It will be spearheaded by Vishal Sharma, CTO of SearchUnify. It will focus on how support teams can break away from the inefficient gold standard of reactive support and switch to proactive support with a unified cognitive platform.

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“Despite being the currency of successful CX, proactive support is something all teams struggle to deliver. What makes it a challenge is the limited or no customer insights into product usage. In other words, where they experience friction in their journey. Once companies know that, they can present contextually relevant information to help customers right then and there,” said Alok Ramsisaria, CEO of Grazitti Interactive, the parent company of SearchUnify. “Using a unified cognitive platform, companies can leverage rich analytics and take preemptive corrective measures to provide proactive support in real-time.”

“You can’t deliver next-gen experiences with outdated tech and processes. The good news is that a unified cognitive platform seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing support stack. So, you don’t have to redesign entire workflows. It propels proactive support by anticipating customer sentiments, unifying disparate knowledge bases, extracting hidden insights, and that too in real-time,” said Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify.

About TSIA Interact

TSIA has organized this virtual tech conference which will include facilitated discussions, polling, Q&A, working sessions, and networking opportunities for support and services professionals. Additionally, attendees get access to more than 200 videos, resources, and presentations before TSIA Interact, during the live event, and on-demand.

About SearchUnify

SearchUnify is a unified cognitive platform that fuels the unification of disparate data silos to build a centralized content repository, an insights engine that articulates analytics to monitor KPIs and react to changing trends in real-time. It powers multiple next-gen applications including Intelligent Chatbots, Agent Helper, Community Helper, Knowbler, and Escalation Predictor – all of which elevate & personalize the experience of customers, agents, community managers, knowledge workers, and support managers.

Media Contact
Ajay Paul Singh
Head of Marketing, SearchUnify