SearchUnify Extends its Large Language Model (LLM) Integration Support To Anthropic’s Claude

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Mountain View, CA | September 15, 2023 – SearchUnify, a leading unified cognitive platform, is pleased to announce that it has extended its Large Language Model (LLM) integration support to Anthropic’s Claude. This marks an enhancement to its plug-and-play integration support for leading LLMs, including BARD, Open AITM, open-source models hosted on Hugging FaceTM, and in-house inference models.

Claude is an advanced Large Language Model (LLM) developed by Anthropic, a leading AI safety and research company. Integrated within Amazon Bedrock (a fully managed service to build and scale generative AI applications using foundation models), it is capable of performing a wide variety of conversational and text-processing tasks, including summarization, search, creative and collaborative writing, Q&A, coding, and more. What sets it apart is its robust data security measures, employing industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard data in transit and at rest.

SearchUnify has been at the forefront of the Large Language Models (LLMs) revolution for quite a while. The expansion of its integration support to Anthropic’s Claude will further benefit its customers and leading enterprises who want to leverage the power of LLMs in their existing workflows without the obligation of sharing their data publicly with third-party platforms.

“The rise of Large Language Models (LLMs) has brought a significant transformation in the field of natural language processing. While we have been riding this wave for quite some time, our recent integration support for Anthropic’s Claude enhances our capability suite several notches up,” says Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify. “Moreover, our cutting-edge SearchUnifyFRAGTM approach enables businesses to easily consolidate Claude into their existing workflows and drive more relevant, contextual, conversational, and bias-free support experiences securely and ethically.”

“While existing LLMs have garnered attention for their remarkable capabilities in various NLP tasks, they faced challenges such as limited context windows and biases. Claude is a game-changer, offering longer response times, enhanced performance, and the ability to handle up to 100,000 tokens in each prompt. Notably, it provides the latest information on current events up to early 2023,” states Taranjeet Singh, Principal Data Scientist, SearchUnify. “Its groundbreaking integration with SearchUnify will empower our customers to elevate their LLM-fueled support and self-service experiences to the next level.”

About SearchUnify

SearchUnify is a unified cognitive platform, by Grazitti Interactive, and is built on a machine learning and insights engine. The platform boasts a suite of AI-powered products, including Cognitive Search, SUVA (the World’s First Federated, Information Retrieval Augmented Chatbot for Fine-tuned, Contextual, and Intent-driven Conversational Experiences at Scale), Agent Helper, Knowbler (the World’s First Knowledge-centered Customer Service Software), Escalation Predictor, and Community Helper. Leading enterprises globally rely on SearchUnify for revolutionizing information discovery and elevating support outcomes.

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