Grazitti’s SearchUnify Cited Among Notable Vendors in ‘The Cognitive Search Platforms Landscape, Q3 2023’

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Mountain View, CA | September 28, 2023 – SearchUnify, a leading unified cognitive platform, is pleased to announce that it has been cited in ‘The Cognitive Search Platforms Landscape, Q3 2023’ report by Forrester, a leading research and advisory firm.

This year, a total of 18 cognitive search vendors were listed in the report. The report provides an overview of each vendor including geographic focus, industry focus, and deployment options (e.g., on-premises managed service, on-premises client-managed, hosted, private software as a service [SaaS], and multitenant SaaS). SearchUnify is recognized among notable vendors.

Modern organizations are flooded with vast amounts of information but challenges like data silos hamper user experience. SearchUnify’s cognitive search engine extracts relevant information from multiple, diverse sources and presents it in a unified manner, thus boosting content findability. That’s not it. With Machine Learning (ML) and Generative AI at its helm, it deciphers search queries and user intent to deliver personalized responses in real time.

“Cognitive search has been here for quite some time now. What sets SearchUnify apart is our integration with advanced tools and technologies like ML, Vector Search, and Large Language Models (LLMs) that not only empower our clients to offer relevant content but also implement rich insights to drive intent-driven, contextual support experiences at scale,” says Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify. “We are thrilled to be acknowledged among notable vendors in the cognitive search landscape as we believe it serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.”

“Customer experience landscape is continually evolving. Modern customers expect more relevant, contextual, and blazing-fast responses to their queries. Our next-generation cognitive search makes it possible by providing a unified view of information and actionable insights into user behavior, search history, user role, etc.” states Alok Ramsisaria, CEO, Grazitti Interactive (SearchUnify’s Parent Company). “To us, being recognized in the prestigious report by Forrester underscores our ability to meet the ever-growing customer expectations and further fuels our drive to innovate continually.”

To read the full report, click here.

About SearchUnify

SearchUnify is a unified cognitive platform, by Grazitti Interactive, and is built on a machine learning and insights engine. The platform boasts a suite of AI-powered products, including Cognitive Search, SUVA (the World’s First Federated, Information Retrieval Augmented Chatbot for Fine-tuned, Contextual, and Intent-driven Conversational Experiences at Scale), Agent Helper, Knowbler (the World’s First Knowledge-centered Customer Service Software), Escalation Predictor, and Community Helper. Leading enterprises globally rely on SearchUnify for revolutionizing information discovery and elevating support outcomes.

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