Customer Care Excellence (CCE) Forges Strategic Partnership with SearchUnify to Elevate Customer Support and Search Experiences

Mountain View, CA | March 11, 2024 — Customer Care Excellence (CCE), a boutique consulting firm in Israel has chosen to partner with SearchUnify, a leading unified cognitive platform, HQ in USA, specializing in cognitive search and AI-powered products. This collaboration is set to redefine the customer experiences for clients of CCE and offer businesses an advanced and transformative technology resource.

Customer Care Excellence (CCE) is a prominent service consulting firm dedicated to illuminating industry leaders and managers on critical aspects of Customer Experience (CX), Customer Support, and Customer Retention. Through cutting-edge strategies, compelling narratives, and expert insights, CCE assists organizations in transitioning from traditional support models to proactive support paradigms spanning the entire customer lifecycle.

Empowering Businesses Through Strategic Collaboration

The partnership between Customer Care Excellence (CCE) and SearchUnify represents a significant step towards advancing Customer Support standards. By integrating SearchUnify’s cutting-edge search capabilities and AI-driven Customer Support tools, CCE aims to provide its members and prospects with a comprehensive and transformative technology solution. This collaboration not only enhances CCE’s advisory capacity but also extends SearchUnify’s market presence.

“This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to redefining Customer Support. By harnessing the advanced capabilities of SearchUnify, we empower businesses to deliver unparalleled customer experiences,” said Gon Nivron, CEO and Co-founder, CCE.

“We are delighted to join forces with Customer Care Excellence (CCE),” stated Vishal Sharma, CTO of SearchUnify. “This collaboration is dedicated to empowering businesses with innovative ways to elevate their Customer Support ecosystem. Leveraging CCE’s thought leadership alongside our advanced search capabilities, organizations can seamlessly provide users with relevant and contextual support.”

Offering SearchUnify’s unique cognitive search engine aims to help service providers put their customers at the core of their operations. Focus areas include transitioning support operations, adopting Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS), implementing ‘Intelligent Swarming,’ building end-to-end customer experiences, Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Customer Success programs, and designing customer-related business processes.

About Customer Care Excellence (CCE)

Customer Care Excellence (CCE) is a renowned support consulting firm dedicated to empowering businesses with innovative solutions for elevating Customer Support and search experiences. With a commitment to customer care excellence, CCE provides thought leadership, cutting-edge strategies, and transformative technology resources to its members and prospects.

About SearchUnify

SearchUnify is a unified search cognitive platform, by Grazitti Interactive, and is built on a machine learning and insights engine. The platform boasts a suite of AI-powered products, including Cognitive Search, SearchUnify Virtual Assistant (SUVA), Agent Helper, Knowledge Enabler (Knowbler), Escalation Predictor, and Community Helper. Leading enterprises globally rely on SearchUnify for revolutionizing information discovery and elevating support outcomes.

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