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SUVA for Customer Support and Self-service

Improve self-service relevance, reduce caseload, prevent agent attrition and improve support CSAT with contextual conversational experiences at scale

Why SUVA for Customer Support


Faster, personalized and contextual self-service experiences


Streamlined support hand-offs with OOTB agent adaptors


Reduced self-service effort with direct case creation from within the virtual assistant


Minimized virtual assistant training effort fueled by unsupervised ML

Empower Your Customers to Quickly & Easily Resolve
Queries and Improve Bottom Line Revenues

Reduce L1 Caseload with Round the Clock Response to Support Queries

SearchUnify’s ‘always-on’ virtual assistant provides 24*7 support to your users, and takes care of L1 queries with ease, thus allowing customer-facing teams to work on more pressing problems and high-value engagements.


Fuel Contextual and Personalized Support Interactions

SUVA presents the most relevant results by understanding the context of each search query, instead of matching only keywords.

Enable Seamless Hand-offs to Agents with OOTB Adapters

SUVA enables users to quickly connect to support reps with the live agent connector. The virtual assistant also shares the conversation history with the live agent so that they pick the conversation from where the user left.


Reduce Self-Service Effort with Direct Case Creation from within the Virtual Assistant

In case the interaction with the virtual assistant doesn’t fully solve the issue, SUVA can create a case on the users’ behalf from the chat. This eliminates the need to login to the support portal and fill out the form.

Scale Intelligent Interactions with External Platforms

With SUVA, admins can configure how the assistant recognizes & processes user-provided information with custom slots. Webhooks enable the virtual assistant to interact intelligently with other external apps and portals.


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