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Evaluate and Optimize Conversational Interactions
with SUVA’s Analytics

Harness the potential of SUVA with data-driven insights to optimize customer interactions
and drive business growth

Gain Actionable Intelligence with User Interaction Report

Get a comprehensive view of the total number of users who engaged with SUVA. Not just that, it also informs you about the number of users that the virtual assistant is engaging in-the-moment.

Discover Valuable Insights with Total Sessions Report

Gain a holistic view of user interests and preferences across multiple interactions, empowering you to optimize SUVA’s performance and deliver personalized experiences that resonate with your audience.

Uncover User Engagement with Conversations Report

Get a comprehensive tally of all virtual assistant's interactions during a specified timeframe. Our analytics enable you to gauge the depth and breadth of user engagement, empowering you to refine SUVA strategy and deliver tailored experiences that drive meaningful results.

Ensure Seamless Performance with Coverage Analytics

Get a report with a clear picture of SUVA's ability to handle known intents effortlessly. Track the ratio of 'Covered' conversations, where SUVA successfully identifies and addresses relevant intents, to 'Uncovered' interactions, where intents couldn't be matched.

Gain Complete Autonomy to Measure and Track Resolution Capabilities

Harness the chat transcript insights to fine-tune SUVA's performance, maximize deflection success, and enhance overall customer experience, ultimately driving efficiency and reducing workload for your team.

Unveil User Interests with the Power of Intent Analysis

Gain comprehensive visibility into the most frequently used intents and the corresponding utterances within each intent. Tailor SUVA's responses and offerings to meet their specific needs and deliver personalized experiences that drive engagement and satisfaction.

Gain Complete Control over Factors Defining Virtual Assistant's Success

Gain complete autonomy to manage the configuration of various parameters like feedback, coverage, case creations to define your successful conversation by the virtual assistant from the settings tab.

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