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SearchUnify Virtual Assistant for HR Operations

Simplify HR Processes, Increase Efficiency, and Delight Employees with Instant and Personalized Support

"A Best-of-Breed" Intelligent Virtual Assistant Trusted by Leading Companies Globally


Streamline Employee Self-service, Reduce HR Workload, and Augment HR Operations with SUVA

Employee Recruitment
Leave Management
Employee Travel & Expenses
HR Case Management
Employee Compensation

Fuel a Unified Experience with Seamless OOTB Integrations for Leading Platforms

SUVA’s out-of-the-box connectivity with leading platforms ensures that it fuels employee self-service, powered by 360-degree insights from across enterprise content repositories. Give your employees a highly uniform experience by connecting information residing on various applications and portals and presenting it directly in SUVA.

Elevate Personalization of HR Interactions with ML-powered Query Clustering

By leveraging the power of NLP and ML-fueled query clustering, SUVA offers personalized recommendations based on employee preferences, interests, or past interactions. For example, it can suggest relevant training programs, learning resources, or career advancement opportunities based on an employee's skills, goals, or performance history.

Improve Employee Onboarding Experience and Reduce Delays in Obtaining HR Assistance

When your new hires are struggling to look for information on different channels, NLU-powered algorithms of SUVA provide relevant, contextual, and personalized results in one place, from across the enterprise.

Nurture Employee Growth and Training

SUVA can help foster innovation and engagement among employees with ML-fueled algorithms that analyze user behavior, profile, and current skill set to recommend personalized training courses.

Ride the LLM Wave With SearchUnify Virtual Assistant

Streamline Recruitment Operations by Seamlessly Connecting HR Teams with New Candidates

Leveraging SUVA for recruitment can help optimize hiring costs and decrease the time to hire. It can automate multiple stages of the recruitment cycle, such as profile submission, assessment tests, and documentation.

Reduce Employee Effort with SUVA’s Transactional AI

SUVA, with the power of real-time virtual assistant analytics, enables enterprises to decipher repeat incoming operational HR queries. Based on this intelligence, admins can enable SUVA to perform transactional operations on behalf of the employee, for example resetting passwords or fixing login issues on behalf of the employee. This helps reduce employee effort since SUVA can now intelligently resolve HR interactions based on the intelligence from past employee conversations.

Ensure Seamless Hand-offs to HR Teams with OOTB Adapters

In case SUVA is unable to resolve a query, it enables employees to quickly connect to HR teams with the live chat connector. SUVA also shares the conversation history with the HR executive so that they pick the conversation from where the employee left.

Manage Payrolls, Expenses, and Internal Communications with Ease

Overcome communication gaps, redundancies, and delays with SUVA's advanced features and stay on top of employee support, ensuring efficient processes and timely resolutions for enhanced productivity.

Enable Faster, Efficient Employee Offboarding Process

Automate, streamline, and connect multi-step cross-functional processes, ensuring employees undergo smooth transitions. With SUVA, create an optimized and efficient employee lifecycle, enhancing satisfaction and productivity within your organization.

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