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Customize, Analyze and Enrich the Search Experience of Your Site Visitors and Community Users

Become a Self-Service Leader

Communities are robust channels to drive user engagement and support. Sites are businesses’ most important marketing and communication tools. When you bring the power of Enterprise Search to your community and/or site, you drive higher engagement, case deflection and self-service success. SearchUnify is an AI-driven Enterprise Search Solution that comes with advanced features to make you a self-service leader.

Relevant Search Results

  • Show personalized and relevant information to each user based on their role, access permissions, search behavior, preferred data sources, and data objects
  • Save time and effort of users and improve engagement with the most relevant answers automatically appearing at the top

Search Insights & Analytics

  • Make smarter business decisions with insights and analytics on important metrics like case deflection, search trends, common queries, average page view time etc.
  • Leverage a customizable dashboard that provides you with 20+ reports and gives you an easy-to-understand, in-depth overview of all important metrics
  • Analyze how your employees and partners or customers are using your search with unique internal and external reports
  • Quickly access any report you are looking for with an interactive search at the top of the admin panel to help you save time while finding information

Content Gap Analysis

  • Get insights into search trends, content engagement and usability with interactive dashboards and usage analytics
  • Learn what your users are searching for on your community/site, what content they’re finding useful, and what queries are not showing results
  • Improve the content based on these insights and utilize rich media to increase the average time spent on your web pages
  • Ensure minimal bounce rate making relevant content quickly accessible

Manual Search Optimization

  • Boost the search ranking of certain content pieces for specific keywords
  • Improve the searchability of the most relevant content pieces
  • Enhance your site visitors’ / community users’ search experience

Natural Language Understanding

  • Deliver search results based on the syntax of the search, and not just keywords, to answer user queries precisely
  • Autocomplete user queries with type-ahead search, by understanding users’ intent and search behavior
  • SearchUnify auto creates a list of synonyms after analyzing user queries, which can be managed by the admin

Virtual Assistance

  • Swiftly resolve user queries with relevant answers in real-time to reduce caseload
  • Actively leverage NLU to decipher search intent with accuracy
  • Eliminate the need for manual training by tapping into ML-powered automation

Quick Deployment

  • Set up your search within 24 hours – faster than all comparable search solutions
  • Leverage SearchUnify’s native integration capabilities with a number of knowledge bases, communities, sites, and support platforms
  • Integrate all your information sources and configure search parameters

Information Security

  • Ensure data security with a unified search solution that comes with 256-bit data encryption
  • Retrieve information respecting access permissions across all enterprise content sources
  • Whitelist IP addresses to define who can access of the admin panel. You can also set the level of access for a particular user within the network by restricting IP addresses

Scalable Infrastructure

  • Ensure ultra-fast crawling, processing, and indexing of content in all your enterprise sources and platforms
  • Deliver lightning-fast results at the scale you want with the AI-powered search platform’s flexible processing capabilities

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