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Cognitive Technology for Every Enterprise Function

A Unified Cognitive Platform to Transform Your
Support Ecosystem

Enhanced Information Findability

Unify disparate data silos and make relevant information easily findable for customers and employees with 50+ OOTB connectors

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Proactive Decision Making

Leverage real AI and real-time analytics to gain deep insights into your customers’ and employees’ behavior

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Best of Breed Applications

Deliver personalized and proactive customer service experiences with a suite of next-gen support applications

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Unified Cognitive Platform Unified Cognitive Platform Unified Cognitive Platform
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Make Large Language Models (LLMs) a part of your
Customer Support Ecosystem with SearchUnify

Higher CSAT. Better Self-Service Experience. Augmented Support Efficiency.

Here’s how SearchUnify helps you find the holy grail of customer service

Drive Self-Service

Improve the findability of relevant information across your digital properties - irrespective of where the information resides. Deliver an impeccable self-service experience to your customers, prospects, partners, and employees.

Decrease Average
Handle Time

Empower your support agents to quickly find and access all the information and help they need to resolve more customer queries in less time. Reduce AHT, increase customer delight.

Augment Support

Go beyond simple automation of mundane processes - predict cases and then smartly sort, triage, and route them. Assign every case to the best-fit agent based on the agent expertise and the case sentiment.

Increase First
Call Resolution

Equip your agents with cutting-edge technology and tools that empower them to understand and resolve customer queries in the first contact. Improve the experience of your customers as well as agents.

Drive Knowledge-Centered

Implement next-gen support programs like knowledge-centered support (KCS) and intelligent swarming successfully. Measure, quantify, and showcase the success of these initiatives.

Maximize Your
Customer Service ROI

Measure, quantify, maximize, and showcase ROI in your entire support ecosystem. Save ~$1 Million in support cost in three months of deployment with quick time to value.

Some of Our Customers


Your Arsenal of Futuristic Support Applications

Leverage AI-powered apps built on a scalable unified cognitive search platform


SearchUnify's Agent Helper

Shorten turnaround time & augment agent productivity with a unified view of case resolving information, user journey insights and top related experts

Augment Agent Experience

SearchUnify Virtual Assistant SUVA

Solve customer queries faster, boost case resolution and elevate support CSAT with intelligent chatbots that leverage enterprise-wide knowledge and search insights

Elevate Conversational Experiences

SearchUnify's Community Helper

Elevate community engagement with an ‘always on’ bot for your community that keeps an eye on new discussions and threads and provides meaningful, sentiment adaptive responses 24*7

Streamline Community Moderation

SearchUnify's Escalation Predictor

Streamline service delivery with a proactive ticket analysis system for real-time insights into case sentiment and probability of escalation to drive first contact resolution

Curtail Unanticipated Escalations

SearchUnify's Knowbler

Revolutionize support knowledge creation and discovery with a KCS v6 aligned cognitive application for improved support documentation and unparalleled support turnarounds

Optimize Knowledge Management

Grazitti Interactive’s SearchUnify Combats
Full Spectrum of Data Threats & Attacks

Here's What the Best in Business Have to Say About SearchUnify


Embark on the Journey of Next-Gen Customer Support and Experience

Don’t just believe everything we say. Not yet. Experience the power of unified cognitive technology and see how it helps you delight your customers, stakeholders, and employees. Take a live demo. It’s free!