Shift from Knowledge Creation to Curation with Large Language Models (LLMs) and Actionable Insights

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Knowbler + KCS

A Potent Combination for Elevating Knowledge-driven Support Outcomes

SearchUnify is a certified KCS v6 aligned platform with an in-house team of KCS champions accredited by the Consortium for Service Innovation


Knowbler simplifies KCS adoption by facilitating knowledge creation, suggesting relevant articles, integrating within support workflows, providing powerful search capabilities, offering analytics for improvement, and enabling feedback loops.

Instantly Capture and Structure Information for Streamlined KB Creation

Fueled by ML and Generative AI, Knowbler accelerates knowledge generation in KCS recommended templates, based on the incoming case. This ensures effective capture of support knowledge and ensures that new articles are created as a by-product of agents’ resolutions for undocumented issues.

Improve Findability and Reuse of Content for Faster Support Resolutions

Knowbler ensures that the agents are able to access all case resolving information, especially for known issues at one place. This helps improve first call resolution and reuse support KB effectively. ML-powered personalization promotes reuse of KB with personalized case resolving content based on agent’s previous searches , interactions and the case in question.

Easily Improve, Create, and Review Support Content

Knowbler ensures that support agents can easily edit, fix and review knowledge articles already created within their support consoles with one click workflows. This helps drive content quality and consumption.

Maintain Content Health with Rich Insights into Knowledge Gaps

SearchUnify’s Knowbler provides article usage analytics report that monitors the performance of KCS-generated content and quantifies KCS success. Knowbler provides insights into knowledge articles shared and attached to case to evaluate content gaps (articles which need to be created) and also assess content health.

Leverage Collective Agent Experience through Intelligent Swarming

Knowbler helps agents get a unified view of subject matter experts for the case in question and promotes swarming support model instead of tiered support models to reduce resolution delays. This ensures that support agents can always find the best available person to help create new knowledge, in-the-moment.

Enable Performance Assessment of KCS generated content

Knowbler’s rich analytics help you stay on top of your service metrics. The real-time insights into content health help assess Article Quality Index, New vs Known Case Issue etc.

Feed in the Same Insights Across Enterprise Properties Via Process Integration

SearchUnify’s Knowbler ensures consistency of support knowledge across channels and closes the loop. For example, the same support article which an agent creates using Knowbler, is automatically also available to self-service users on Communities/Online Portals, and conversely, content which helps deflect cases on communities is used by agents to solve cases.

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