Shift from Knowledge Creation to Curation with Large Language Models (LLMs) and Actionable Insights

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Knowbler Analytics

Unleashing Real-Time Insights into Knowledge Creation and Usage to Optimize
Your Organization's Knowledge Management Program

Knowbler Adoption Analytics

Real-time analytics provide insights into how well agents are leveraging
Knowbler for achieving the knowledge-first approach

It is a stacked area graph that keeps you on top of two crucial metrics; the total number of cases closed and the contribution of agent-generated content in closing them. Support Effectiveness Data includes :

  • Case Number
  • Case Subject
  • Case Closed Date
  • Article Linked (ID)
  • Article Linked (Title)
  • Link Date
Accelerated Time to Value

This report helps you identify the knowledge workers who create the most articles and the impact of their work on reducing the TTR for cases that have the knowledge created by them linked to the case. They, in turn, can guide other employees to better contribute to the knowledge management initiative. Contribution analytics by an agent can be shown through :

  • Number of Articles Written
  • Number of Articles linked to a case
Accelerated Time to Value

This report helps monitor metrics that can be used to quantify the impact of Knowbler on your support team’s efficiency. The impact, measured in terms of article shares, can be converted into hours of effort and dollars saved.

Accelerated Time to Value

This report helps discover articles which had zero to very low impact on case resolution. The impact is measured in terms of share count. An article that’s never been shared or shared only one, two, or three times, may require some action. This report helps you identify those low-performing articles and take appropriate action. The sole section in Low Impact KB Articles is Least Used Articles. You can filter the list using:

  • Max Share Count
  • Last Modified Date
Accelerated Time to Value

SearchUnify’s Knowbler Won a Bronze Stevie® Award
at 2023 American Business Awards®


Knowbler Intelligent Insights

By leveraging the power of machine learning, Knowbler offers real-time insights
into content health and standard

It lists the contribution of each agent to overall content health by highlighting the agent's score on each of the following parameters:

  • Uniqueness
  • Completeness
  • Content Clarity
  • Title Accuracy
  • Links Validity
  • Metadata Correctness
Accelerated Time to Value

This report lists all the active Content Health parameters and the respective articles that don't meet the content health criterion.

Accelerated Time to Value

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