Build on Your Salesforce Service Cloud with Cognitive Search

Employees waste around 20% of their time looking for information to do their job. That’s a lot, isn’t it? This means there is one giant rock lying between your employees and their enhanced productivity.

By leveraging an AI-driven enterprise search solution, your teams can overcome this hurdle and work without any hiccups. An all-inclusive search paired with handy features saves an awful lot of time as well as effort. The following infographic sheds more light on the subject.

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It discusses various challenges that support teams often face when using Salesforce federated search – slow case-resolution time and below average customer satisfaction being leading examples of the same – and how a cognitive search solution can solve them in a jiffy.

With SearchUnify, you can further build on the Salesforce search, and in turn, step up your Service Console to a whole new level. Let’s crunch some numbers, SearchUnify improves case deflection by 40% and augments support team productivity by 25%.

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