4 Ways that AI-Powered Search Drives Business Outcomes

AI is one of the best things that ever happened to enterprises. It has streamlined operations and made the going a lot easier for managers and their employees. 80% of companies are already reported to have been using some form of AI. Such is its aura.

If we have to name one vertical that has been the biggest benefactor of the AI movement, it indelibly is customer service. AI-fueled aids like cognitive search have given it a much-needed boost by empowering customers and service reps alike.

Cognitive search has a lot going for it which makes it an indispensable tool to drive self-service and augment support strategy. Want to know how? In the following infographic, we’ll let the facts do the talking about the impact cognitive search engines have:

4 Ways that AI-Powered Search Drives Business Outcomes How better self-service, support & experience improve the bottomline

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