SearchUnify by Grazitti Interactive Cited in Independent Research Firm’s Report on Cognitive Search Providers

Incubated in Grazitti Interactive, SearchUnify is a 2.5 year old technology startup and the youngest product in this evaluation. It comes with capabilities like out-of-the-box connectivity, intent intelligence, deep analytics and chatbots.

San Ramon, CA and Panchkula, India | May 29, 2019 – Grazitti Interactive was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its ‘The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search Q2 2019’ evaluation. In the report, the organization’s AI-powered search platform, SearchUnify, was cited as a Contender in the Cognitive Search category. The report evaluates 12 vendors on 24 criteria, grouped by Current Offering, Strategy and Market Presence.

“As legacy enterprise search technology becomes outdated and less effective, use of AI technologies such as natural language understanding will dictate which providers will lead the pack. Vendors that can provide ingestion intelligence and intent intelligence position themselves to deliver the most relevant search results to their customers,” writes Forrester.

“Its virtual agent leverages search technology to answer conversational questions.”

“SearchUnify has a well-thought-out technical architecture that should enable the company to fill gaps in data ingestion, tuning, and tools to build custom applications. Customers will find SearchUnify simple and easy to implement if they require unified search across SaaS applications for which it has data connectors,” the authors noted.

For the Wave™ report, Forrester takes a number of factors into consideration to evaluate the vendor’s market presence, strategy, and current offering in regards to cognitive search. A vendor, to qualify for inclusion in the report, must have a comprehensive, distinguishable cognitive search solution, and must also have referenceable, enterprise customers using the solution.

“SearchUnify is the youngest product in this evaluation.”

Grazitti Interactive’s CEO, Alok Ramsisaria, said, “We are thrilled to be named in the new Forrester Wave evaluation of cognitive search providers. Our cognitive search product – SearchUnify – was the youngest of the 12 evaluated, and this is a huge boost to our confidence as we continue to grow our platform and add customers. We believe this is not just a recognition of the robustness of our product and our roadmap for the future, but also of the trust that our customers place in us.”

Raman Kumar, SVP of Customer Success at Idaptive congratulated SearchUnify on their inclusion in the Wave and said, “We have been using SearchUnify for revamping our support experience for agents and customers alike, and are amazed by its ease of implementation and its intelligence in mining insights from search behavior. The results have been tremendous in terms of case deflection and average resolution time! We look forward to using its AI-based apps like the search-powered chatbot and Agent Helper on our community and inside the CRM respectively.”

Enterprises need to upgrade their federated search systems to benefit from the heightened relevance and personalization that cognitive search offers. In addition to unifying varied enterprise content at one point, SearchUnify is able to utilize contextual models to look beyond keywords and analyze the intent in each query for boosting the relevance and completeness of results.

Self-service portals and contact centers are critical touchpoints where customers engage with a company. In both cases, finding relevant answers quickly enhances satisfaction and reduces churn. By adopting a cognitive search platform to strengthen their support systems, enterprises can elevate customer experience and boost the efficiency of service reps.

With the rise of conversational AI that powers chatbots, AI is becoming a major competitive differentiator in customer service. SearchUnify’s platform reduces time-to-value for its inbuilt virtual agent module by supplying it with behavioral insights gleaned from its cognitive search implementations.

For more information on SearchUnify’s position in the Forrester Wave report, read Vishal Sharma’s blog about key features that made them stand out.

About SearchUnify

SearchUnify, powered by Grazitti Interactive, is a cognitive search platform for enterprises that revolutionizes discovery of relevant information with insights, connectivity and AI-based apps. It has the ability to index disparate content repositories and provide advanced insights into user search behavior, content usability and content gaps – all while self-learning to personalize and keep responses within context. To see it live in action, request a free demo.

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