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Drive Self-Service and Improve Content Findability with Cognitive Technology

SearchUnify For <br>Zendesk Guide

Boost AX & CX to Level Up Your Self‑Service Game

Leverage real AI to reduce ticket volume and support cost while also keeping the KB fresh


Bridge Content Silos &
Enhance Productivity

SeachUnify acts as a conduit that seamlessly plugs your content from across organizational knowledge sources into Zendesk Guide, thus transforming it into a unified source of knowledge. Additionally, it personalizes search results in real-time and acts as a guiding light that points users in the right direction.

Bridge Content Silos & Enhance Productivity
Boost Content Relevancy with AI-Powered Tuning

Boost Content Relevancy with
AI-Powered Tuning

Successful self-service hinges on relevant content. Delivering that requires more than just keywords. SearchUnify’s AI-powered search tuning enables you to analyze synonyms, search intent, and historical data to surface relevant content for every query. You can also manually tune the results to demote or promote content pieces.

Channel the Power of ML to
Boost Personalization

Modern users demand a more tailored experience. The “one size fits all” approach doesn’t cut it anymore. To that end, SearchUnify personalizes your users’ journey by taking into account their search history, click-through data, profile, etc., to present highly personalized results. It also ensures that your users find the right content faster.

Channel the Power of ML to Boost Personalization
Rich Insights into Knowledge Gaps

Rich Insights into
Knowledge Gaps

Irrespective of how incredible your self-service is, there might be instances where it falls short. SearchUnify can help identify & curtail them. It provides comprehensive insights into how users are finding your information and what kind of self-help experience they had. This way, you can bridge content gaps while improving your self-service efficacy.

Contextual Results
Fueled by NLP

At times, users are unable to find the right words to describe what they need. SearchUnify ensures that doesn’t become a problem and ensures a pleasant experience. It leverages ML and NLP to comprehend the user’s intent. Then, it smartly suggests & completes their query to take them a step closer to relevant information.

Contextual Results Fueled by NLP
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