How Kantata Metamorphosed its Zendesk Guide KB into a One-Stop Knowledge Shop with SearchUnify

Kantata has been redefining professional services automation for over 2,000 organizations in more than 100 countries. They provide professionals with the right information and expertise at the right time, empowering them to win more business.

They use Zendesk Guide, a leading KB solution to make content creation, consumption, and maintenance effortless. But since help content resided in multiple repositories with different meta tags and names, content findability within Zendesk Guide became a challenge. As a result, Kantata’s customer self-service and agent efforts shot up.

Kantata stacked the odds in their favor by bringing SearchUnify into the picture. They metamorphosed its Zendesk Guide into a one-stop knowledge shop. Download this case study to find out how they attained 72% average clicks to total searches with SearchUnify's unified cognitive platform.

Key Takeaways

Scalable Architecture
Elevate Self-Service with Unified Knowledge

Discover how Kantata unified data across Zendesk Guide KB and Salesforce-powered community to elevate self-service outcomes.

Resilient & Future-Proof
Leverage Faceted Search for Seamless UI

Unveil how Kantata got rid of the incessant search loop and presented the most relevant information with intelligent facets and filters.

Accelerated Time to Value
Deflect More Cases with Personalized Search

Learn how Kantata tapped into SearchUnify’s ML and NLP to deliver personalized results and boost both conversions and engagement.