Virtual Assistants

Redefine Customer Experience with AI-Powered Chatbots that Leverage Search Insights

Boost Relevance and Case Resolution by Providing Contextual Responses

Solve customer queries with chatbots that leverage enterprise-wide knowledge and user data

Automate Tasks to Increase Workplace Productivity and Be ‘Always-On’

Provide 24*7 support to all your customers with an AI-driven assistant to help you decrease support costs and boost agent productivity. Your chatbot can take care of most common queries with ease, allowing your agents to work on more pressing issues.

Engage & Enrich User Interactions with AI Assistants

Engaging and actionable conversations are the USP of our virtual assistant. Instead of asking users what they want, proactively suggest what you can help them achieve via a small-text based window.

Drive Contextual Conversations by Leveraging NLU

Present relevant results by understanding the context of each search query, instead of matching only keywords. Let your virtual assistant employ natural language understanding to extract intent from each conversation and self-learn with each response from the user.

Tap into your Enterprise Knowledge by Cutting Across Data Silos

Access disparate content repositories simultaneously, including support documentation, blogs, FAQs, discussion boards etc. to fetch the most apt results for the user, regardless of where that information is present.

Enhance Hand-Offs with Better Designed Conversations

Enable users to take action even if their searches don’t return any results. Add actionable CTAs at the end of every conversation, guiding users to the most relevant source of information available or assisting them to raise a ticket with support.

Personalize User Experience by Recording Customer Journey Data

Leverage a virtual assistant’s ability to remember relevant details from past interactions, and deliver a personalized experience that picks up from where the user left a conversation.

Evaluate Performance with Bot Analytics

Easily assess bot performance and impact with measurable insights. Leverage bot analytics to know how many intents were identified by the bot, the total number of conversions and track user feedback to evaluate performance with ease.

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SearchUnify is the right enterprise search solution for you. Get a live demo in your environment of choice and see how AI-based search transforms user engagement and helps you achieve your business objectives.
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