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MadCap Flare is one of the most popular platforms to create, manage, and publish online help content, user manuals, software documentation, etc. The advanced multi-channel publishing system allows you to develop, manage, and publish content to several formats, including print, online, desktop, and mobile. The topic-based authoring tool is ideal for maximum content reuse and curation. To make this content accessible, MadCap offers site search, which has its limitations.

SearchUnify can help you take the search experience of your MadCap site users to the next level. Its advanced search and analytics features

  • Convert MadCap menus and submenus into facets automatically preserving and streamlining your content structure.
  • Give you deep insights into user search behavior, content engagement and usability, which enable you to improve your content strategy.
  • Allow you to manually adjust the search ranking of certain content pieces for specific keywords, hence control search results.
  • Provide a fast and flawless search experience with its typeahead search that autocompletes user queries as they type in keywords.
  • Let you integrate MadCap help content with your support center, which allows users to see content results from support center and your MadCap help site at one place.

Visit our Features page to know more how SearchUnify can enrich the search experience for you.

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