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GSA's Exit Gives You the Opportunity to Upgrade Your Enterprise Search to an AI-Powered Insight Engine with the Fastest Time to Value

SearchUnify has all that GSA offered, and more:

  • SearchUnify comes with modern, AI-driven technology, that can help you deliver precise search results based on the syntax of the search, offering capabilities far better than GSA.
  • Leverage an intelligent search algorithm, that can help you show the most relevant result at the top as well as giving you the option to manually boost relevant results.
  • Has the flexibility and choice of the platforms you need to integrate with SearchUnify, including communities, support portals, project management tools, CMSs and CRMs.
  • Make smarter decisions with intelligent insights that help you get a closer picture of usage behaviour, search trends and queries.
  • Ensure a hassle-free transition from GSA with the plug and play setup, with zero downtime.
  • Provide your users with a richer search experience with a customizable and user centric UI, encouraging your users to spend more time on your community.

To read more about ensuring a risk free transition from GSA, click here.

SearchUnify vs. Google Search Appliance

Features Google Search Appliance SearchUnify
Connectors Limited number of connectors Native integration with unlimited connectors
Contextual Responses
Personalized UX
Virtual Assistant
Content Gap Analysis
Relevance Boosting
API Indexing
Advanced Crawling/Indexing Reports Limited
Scalable Solution
Facet Filters
Meta data sorting
Visual Preview Only for PDF, Word and Power Point For all document types
Value Pricing
Semantic Support Via Third Party Semantic Engine In-built
Customer Support

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