SearchUnify To Host Live Webinar On Augmented Intelligence: The Future of Enterprise Search

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Webinar Featuring The Enterprise Search Expert Miles Kehoe to Take Place on February 27.

Sunnyvale, CA | February 14, 2020 – SearchUnify, a recognized cognitive search platform, today announced it will be presenting a power-packed session on how augmented intelligence can help redefine your enterprise search strategy in 2020.

Scheduled for 27th February, 2020, the webinar brings together two experts on enterprise search and insight engines – Miles Kehoe, Founder & President, New Idea Engineering and Vishal Sharma, CTO, SearchUnify. Join them as they explore trends & practices that will define the future of enterprise search. The session will shed light on improving your enterprise search by training AI.

The webinar will primarily cover:

  • State of AI in 2020
  • How augmented intelligence can change the face of AI adoption
  • Practical ways you can train your enterprise search engine

Future-Proofing Your Enterprise Search Strategy

There are no silver bullets when it comes to enterprise search. As we mitigate the challenges around it, we can see a well-thought-out strategy and a lot of other aspects like augmented intelligence are of paramount importance for its success. The upcoming webinar will help you be future-ready by discussing these aspects in detail.

Specifically talking about AI-driven search, Vishal said, “The potential of AI is limitless, from augmenting support agents, powering personalization, automating knowledge creation & sharing to helping make better strategic decisions by leveraging insights and analytics.” He added, “That said, to really reap benefits of AI-driven search, you need to augment its intelligence by training and tuning it to derive maximum value from its adoption.”

Title: Augmented Intelligence: The Future of Enterprise Search
When: February 27th, 2020 | 10 AM PST
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Vishal Sharma

Miles Kehoe
Founder & President
New Idea Engineering, Inc.

About SearchUnify

SearchUnify is a cognitive enterprise search solution from Grazitti Interactive that integrates knowledge sources to build a mammoth corpus of complete enterprise information. By tapping into its AI-driven algorithm, SearchUnify deciphers the search intent and pits it against structured and unstructured data sets to help organizations deliver relevant answers, work seamlessly, and make more informed business decisions.